Allow new bindings for Communication selection: Headphone simulation/Default output

There are 3 options in General/Sound/Communication selection:

  • Default - You can hear the engines as if you wouldn’t wear headphones
  • Headphone simulation - as if you would wear the headphones, and the sound of the the engines are attenuated
  • Communication output: only the radio communcation can be heard in the headphones, all others plays thhrough the default audio device

If I could switch between the Default/Headphone simulation in game, it could simulate the act of taking on/off the headphones during a flight.
Therefore please allow bindings for this functions.

In X-plane it works in some aircrafts: you can click on picture of the headphone jack, and this switch between the 2 sound mode in flight.

Unfortunately, the sound of the default ASOBO planes is from the beginnig a heapdhone simulated one, therefore if you would adjust the communication selection to headphone simulation mode, it was totally useless since ASOBO sounds are already in this mode. That’s why you can only use them in the Deafult mode.
But with payware aircrafts, e.g. Justflight PA28R in Default mode the sound of the engine is very loud and in Headph sim. mode is really dampened.

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Is your request the same as this request?

Essentially yes. But my second problem is a different one: ASOBO planes have only headphone simulated sounds. Should I open a new topic for it?

Yes, that sounds good, thanks! I’m going to merge your topic into that other one, just to keep votes from getting split. And you can then feel free to log a new topic for that other idea.
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