Allow Specific Simulation Effects Like Windshield Glare/Distortion To Be Removed By User

The Icon-A5 is a fabulous craft. But one thing is just too true-to-life. The curvature of the windshield is such that there is almost always light glare on it. I’d like to suggest that there be a way to remove specific effects from the simulations, e.g., the glare/distortion on the Icon-A5 windshield if we want a perfect view.

I guess I could just position and rotate the drone camera in such a way that I’m just viewing the world through that. But in my newbie ignorance, not leaving the plane and having the windshield effect removed seems like a better idea. With my old flight stick and the behavior of aircraft in the sim so far on manual control, leaving the controls for any significant amount of time is a recipe for disaster.

Turn off Reflections in the graphics options. I did as the glare in the A320 was annoying me.

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I’d just like to be able to turn off a specific reflection, not all of them. Thanks for the quick fix. It’s such a special request that perhaps I’m not too likely to get what I want.

OTH, I’m interested in the SDK and maybe someday I can “mod” any aircraft and if there is a windshield object that has a reflectivity property, I can set its coefficient to “0” and effectively remove any reflectivity of a specific object in my own downloaded and then customized aircraft - I guess that would depend if the aircraft that come as part of MSFS are basically locked objects except for adding liveries?

One thing I sorely miss from X-Plane is the sunglasses. The glare is more immersive to me and it’s nothing a good pair of polarized Oakleys couldn’t handle.

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