Allow to refund the game on PC after update 5 graphical downgrade

I think you’ve cheated your PC clients with the xbox update and downgrade - this is not what we have paid for when we bought the game. The graphical downgrade is clear in multiple places, not only LOD and textures, but oversaturated, unreal colors, lack of dynamic range, clouds, buildings, lights, even antialiasing and ambient occlusion.

If I would knew it all from the start I would not buy the most expensive edition, which now, after update 5, I don’t play. That’s why I feel cheated.

We are often building PCs especially for this game, you know - really strong computers, capable of “real” ultra graphics. And now we were brought down to the level of the xbox consoles.

What’s next, maybe you’ll try to make an android version and the graphics will be downgraded again - for all users on all platforms? We will have around 500 fps, that’s certain.


So it’s fair to say, in summary, you’re not very happy?


Quite a bit, slightly not happy. Dissatisfied like: “I wasted my money, give me a refund”.


It’s prob just best you don’t even waste energy on whatever you are trying to do. They changed the game and there is nothing you can do about it. They will keep optimizing it over time and eventually the player base on Xbox will vanish as the hardcore simmers stick to PC then they will have to come back and upgrade it again.


Ahh when it’s all cooled down here and XBox and PC are different worlds again in the Settings, these issues will be solved. Just go Scenery Bugs and Wishlist and push the topics there… by putting example images and votes. Calling for refunds does not solve any issue.


The refund doesn’t even cut it. It’s like you said, we build our PCs around this sim. I spent around 5000$ for upgrades just so I could utilize all the eyecandy which gave me incredible immersion. And now I’m looking att Nintendo textures on a 1300$ 4K oled. It’s beyond frustrating. I feel totally betrayed by Asobo/Microsoft!


I would like to believe it that they will be able to revert this downgrade, but I don’t - I think that regarding some changes they’ve made they won’t be able to differentiate between xbox and PC in settings - they’re done and a revert is probably not possible without two different game versions - and they don’t want to make two different versions.


Im pretty annoyed by them changing certain things they promised not to last Q&A (we wont downgrade graphics on pc…)

However a refund and all that other stuff isnt worth it for me, and to be honest im going to asume its a bug at this time (benefit of the doubt and all)

I honestly wonder if they focussed so much on xbox release that they neglected the pc build and testing, and maybe even pushed changes which werent pc compatible.

What it did do is make me very hesitant to ever spend a dime on the in-game marketplace ever again, for now ill buy direct from the creator, if i even ever invest in msfs again.


I think if it continues we should get refunds on what we have spent. I have spent a fortune on addons , my PC all to improve the look, and experiance in MSFS. Then in one fell swoop, it’s back to CTD’s, very poor graphics, and littered with bugs… Thanks!


@SzperaczPL settings and settings scaling are data, not program. If they would allow levels to be 1,2,3,4,5,6 in usercfg.opt (data) instead of 1,2,3 most problems are solved. It’s just for now… this forum cummunity has gotten 5x the number of members we had before. You want 5x the amount of complaints, with wining XBox users everywhere complaining about performance <30Fps ? That’s the choice… When everything is cooled down, they can put up version SU-6 with high level hardware options. Focus on issues, not on accusations, I would say. Propose solutions, not create new issues. No one is helped by yelling “refund” all the time. We’re all in the same boat.


I have a suggestion: have them make a setting in the graphics options that will switch the mode from “modern” to “legacy” (which will return the same color saturation and palette settings and the same LOD quality settings as in SU4) … even if you have to pay off by reducing the number of frames per second.

However, this seems impossible now. Because as I understand it, the LOD loading system has been completely changed and redesigned … and it is common for everyone …


Yep… that’s one option… the idea now is to have sliders for it. You can set a slider to 400% and fly 5Fps if you like… or fly 25Fps when you have super hardware. See wishlist section, search for Slider.

Dunno, can’t look into the kitchen. But there will always be settings, what’s the use to have a LOD in General options, when it has no effect ? It has effect now… yesterday someone posted a video with XBox-S, XBox-X and PC comparisons. The S is tuned lower than the other two. XBox-X and PC have the same Ultra level.

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I would say you’re an optimist, when I’m a realist :wink: My solution would be: don’t fix what’s not broken (earlier graphics level on PC) - optimize it without a graphical downgrade. Don’t break graphics level of a simulator your clients have bought - because after the changes it’s not the same game - it’s faster, for sure, but it’s uglier.

I don’t think you can change things like this, for example, with a simple slider: Worse, flattened dynamic range - cockpit / world contrast after update 5 - #4 by PopTheAviator (also, look at the clouds…)


The “slider” will not fix problems with the current game code. I will try to explain. If now we increase LOD to 4 in the config, then the performance drops to the level of SU4, but the quality does not increase in the same proportion and still remains worse. Thus … if they make a “slider” and I want to return to the same picture level as in SU4, then the quality will be about the same, and the performance will be lower than I had in SU4. It turns out that the SU5 patch does not improve performance, but decreases it! Is not it? I think that without going back to the previous LOD loading mode, any sliders will work negatively.

Sorry. English is not my native language. I hope I was able to convey what I meant.

Well, I would still very much like to hear any words from the representatives of Asobo regarding this topic.


I never said all complaints can be solved with settings. There are other issues too, that have to be addressed.

You say you are the realist and I am the optimist, Why ? I’ve seen improvements as well, wishes were granted in the past, bugs got solved. They put in hotfixes for CTD’s last week… quickly… This program is one hell of a job for programmers and for support ! Because MSFS is large and complex. Live with it… and if you really don’t like it, come back in 2022 and use your existing license, download SU-6 and SU-7.

I will gladly come back in 2022 and pay for it then - when it will be worth paying for. Now I think that I wasted money for a xbox game (and I bought the game for PC).


Put some comparison screenshots, follow the opener’s procedure. I tested it after SU-4, it worked.

This topic,

I did test it and I did see differences after SU-4… check the Amsterdam images I posted, use LOD scaling at least 5.00000, the 4.0000 does not do much. Prove your point, dont teach me.

I’d love that also… but I don’t think that will change peoples minds actually. They all make assumptions and keep to these assumptions, whatever Asobo/MS sais. A statement would be nice, but management does not solve issues. Developers do…

Your own fault. You knew the refund window, you knew what you’re buying. No one will refund it now after you’ve got months of enjoyment and no one cheated you. The game looks amazing, performance is better so you’re asking to refund it because it got better?
Another negative thread spreading lies, i think should be locked.


My setting haven’t changed. The game looks awesome.
You just prove my point, hating without any reason or proof and just jumping onto assumptions blaming other users. Bye.


From somebody who played this on high settings, with high end pc to my current results which I’ve linked


That’s meant to be New York :rofl: