Allow to refund the game on PC after update 5 graphical downgrade

Some people do seem to get visited by Microsoft fairies. I’ve seen people post screenshots with the proof. Now myself I have noticed issues, mostly with the photogrammetry and Bing streaming, and the LOD issues. I’ve had varying issues with that since the beginning though. Had gotten worse, then better, then worse, over time. Doesn’t seem to have a rhyme or reason to it. I don’t think anyone really knows what is going on or what the issues seem to be, at least the issues that can be replicated by everyone. Some people seem to have no issues at all with photogrammetry streaming and can see objects all the way to the horizon. Not sure why they have no issues with it while I keep having issues. LOD set to 5 and still seems to load in late and terrain morphing that looks awful when it happens only 1-2nm away from your position.

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I bought a new high-end PC right before Update 5. I was running the sim in medium settings but with a good framerate. I finished setting up the new PC the same day the Update arrived. Now I have the same frame rate and graphics (like when playing in medium), but 2300€ less in my bank account.
I really hope the devs will restore the graphics settings so high-end PCs can benefit from it.

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Have you checked for other things other then computer and game? Have you checked your network, and dont just say I have a gig connection. The game is really sensitive to data being resent due to the receiving end not having the capacity to handle it.

You can check to see if this might be the case at speed test, it will tell you what your bufferbloat is, if you have a high bufferbloat then your game is gonna suffer tremendously. Of course if it worked before, and not now well this might be mute point but its still worth checking out.

I know this because it was just one of the issues that was causing poor performance and once I made the require changes to my setup WOW million times better. And hey Im not a fan boi I think running this game from a cloud is a very very bad idea. LOL

Yea I never had issues pre-SU5 and it’s not always an issue as far as the photogrammetry streaming. Like right now everything has been fine the past couple days. Seems to be worse on weekends and right after patches are released. Makes sense if it is just overloaded servers. LOD issues I have no idea about though, especially the terrain morphing. I’ve seen others posting about how bad it is and don’t think that is a bandwidth issue. Hopefully they can get fixed.

How come we are on the same build when it comes to the memory limits and graphics downgrade, but not on the same build that has DX12?


The LOD issues are easy to fix, just go into usercfg.opt file and change them between 5-10 in there, read only the file and now you have stuff as far as the eye can see. It works great and for most if not all theres no significant reduction in FPS.

wow that reqally explained how to do that!

Thank you so much for making this post!
I’ve been wondering what was wrong with MSFS2020 when I’ve been playing it lately.
I just did a google search to find out why the graphics look worse after the update and found this post. It’s not the same game at all. The photographic textures on buildings have gone and buildings keep popping in and out. Everything looks so terrible now! The photorealism has gone.

I’ve also noticed my RAM usage is a third of what it was before the update! Meaning less information is in the simulation now. And you can certainly tell!
This is unbelievable! I specifically upgraded my PC for this sim and it’s no longer pushing my PC to it’s upper limits like before.

I’ve just read the comment’s and I’m shocked to see that some people don’t notice the huge graphical downgrade? Are you playing in 4K with everything on Ultra settings?
It’s a huge downgrade for my RTX 3080, i9-9900K, 32 Gig Ram, M.2 SSD.
Almost everything rendered in the 3D world looks worse. It’s lost the sharpness and fidelity it used to have in the textures. It’s like everything is on low settings now. I have video’s that show how good it looked before as I’m sure many people do. I bought the most expensive version and now I feel conned.


I like to get my money back.
Since SU5, i cannot fly anymore.
This is a broken game.

You need to open a ticket with Microsoft support. The forum cannot refund you.

Exactly that is, why its a shame for asobo.
They are the developer, they have made this bad decision, they have the shame.

No, its asobo. They did this bad move!

If your boss told you to work 9h a day, you ll do this…, really?

It is quality and performance that count. Don’t worry about memory usage, if it sais 24GB it wants to load even more, maybe there will be a slider for it.

You don’t play often… After Hotfix-2 there is Ultra again, next time make sure if you switch to Ultra for the first time, go Low first, then go Ultra. Don’t trust your settings are saved, check them. And also see @BubbaBlitz7348 tip above, about changing the LOD scaling in usercfg.opt. If you have a fast internet connection and a 30xx board, you’ll enjoy it. This is the topic about LOD scaling,

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This this this this THIS.

I hate how SU5 has made the lighting. Its the like the world is being lit up by 500 suns. Its an overxposed, bleached saturated bleh-fest.

That and the tree draw dist are my only gripes with SU5. I love the performance boost, they have done great on that. Just hoping the lighting becomes more natural looking in SU6 in Sep.

The overexposure has a workaround… it can be limited, by using gamma settings and monitor brightness.

The clouds need some more saturation, imho… they are very brownish on sunset now. These things have no priority, they are subjective also… when you change them, others mean they are to black/white. I’d like to have sliders for these things.

Performance and scenery quality is always a tradeoff. On the next optimization (DX-12), I hope they will have some “performance room” to improve basic things in the scenery. Like texture loads, shadows on water… reflection issues, popping tree shapes… straight (non-blended) ground textures… all improvements that would cost performance… but performance is not the issue now.

I agree. I just tried making a Saturday morning flight in the Baron 58 out of Great Falls, MT on my PC. It is so blurry I threw off my VR headset and switched to XP11. Even after I adjusted LOD settings in the config file, I dont even want to use it anymore. XP looks so much better. I’ll take less enroute graphics in exchange for better clarity and performance any day. MSFS2020 works sometimes great. The next day I have multitudes of problems, then the next day, everything works better. I hate cloud-based programs dependent on wifi speeds. Mine is very fast and this still sucks. Asobo fixes one thing and ruins three others.

Why can’t I trust the settings I saved? Is this a problem, also?

After SU-5 there were complaints about settings not being saved and Ultra not activated the first time properly. Just check if you now have the issue. The saved level should be the loaded level next time.

I’ve seen outbursts like the above from users who accidentally were looking at Low Level settings. Especially angry members posting “I don’t fly anymore since SU-5” only start the game a few times… they download the update, look at it once and don’t close properly, etc… sometimes the issues look worse than they actually are. Since Hotfix-2 I don’t see many killing graphics issues in Ultra mode. Sometimes I turn my camera away from pixelated shadows, or bad photogrammetry. But a lot of SU-5 problems with the scenery on PC got solved. Cockpit is another story, I hope SU-6 will bring a solution for the ATC issues.

I know its yet another thing running in the background but ReShade has really helped with the mess of SU5 for me. I got it to where its tolerable now and have set hotkeys to insta-adjust the look of the game depending on time of day.

My monitor does have a Game Mode but its a one-button press and I cant adjust individual settings like sharpness, color, gamma, brightness, contrast. It locks those settings in Game Mode for some stupid reason!

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