Alls Quiet on the Update front

If they do delay I hope they learned from the UK update debacle and will announce the delay sooner rather than later.


Last week’s dev update clearly said Sim Update 3 is out this week. That’s pretty solid evidence from MS/Asobo.

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I think the big ticket item here is improvements to G1000/G3000 etc. I really hope they have implemented OBS mode.

I also wonder whether they have touched the 530/430 at all.

I really hope that they will have made it possible to pop out the complete gps unit buttons and all to drop on a second (touch) screen!

I would be surprised if we saw that, but it would be most welcome, I’m sure. I would imagine their focus was on functionality of the device, to come closer to what the real device does.

If they have, then I hope they also did some work on improving performance of pop-out instruments.

Please vote here for the next Q&A:

I doubt they are gonna push it, at least, if they do, they have not told so to the 3rd party developers, I am in contact with one of them that is releasing a plane today, together with the new update.

“assume it’s going to be pushed untill released”

  • probably a developer somewhere

They don’t even have touch working right yet. Unless they fully implement touch control, this is pointless.

Also, if they did, I would hope the give us the option of removing the bezels as well, as the way it is right now is how it’s required for 3rd party hardware like RealSimGear Garmin panels or 3rd party software like Air Manager. To force the bezel would basically ruin the experience for users of those.

It will be this week, however in the road map

They state the 9th (today) and also the 11th I think the 11th was the updated roadmap after the hot fix

The general schedule is Tuesdays for Sim and World Updates, Thursdays for development roadmap update (blog) and marketplace update

So to topic title Sim Update 3 should then be changed back to 9 March then… now the title is changed to the 11th.

it’s not an official post, so that’s up to the OP. And i’m not changing any dates until we get the word the update is out. I only get the same info you as ‘normal’ user can get your hands on

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There’s a Dev Q&A scheduled for tomorrow 3/10. I can’t see the point of releasing a patch ahead of a Q&A for which Asobo specifically solicited questions for about the patch in advance for the last two weeks. :sunglasses:

confirmed today:

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Looking forward to it. Also looking forward to keeping a beady eye on my download rate, and have my hand hovering over the VPN button, just in case!

Any suggestion for the VPN? Where to connect to?

I used NordVPN, and with the last update giving me a pitiful 1Mbps for one set of files, I connected via Portugal, and it shot up to over 200Mbps. If it happens again, this time I plan to use the same country I am in, the UK. That would hopefully ensure I am connecting to the same content servers as I would be without the VPN. Then I know where to send my support ticket to. :slight_smile:

The update has been released. Please use the official topic to further discuss about the update.