Aloha , any recommended addons for Hawaii ? Mahalo

Wow! A great effort and a great contribution to your fellow Hawaiian pilots. Thank you.

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Yup, NSS is Ukraine-based. Oleg (the head dude) is a friend of mine. I agree that both NSS and South Oak have done a good job, especially since neither is based anywhere near Hawai’i!

If I had to pick just one airport from Hawai’i so far to recommend, it’d be NSS’s PHOG. Just a great job!

Nudge him politely to update Ketchikan, AK to fix the runway designations on the World Map (they’re reversed). I sent NSS feedback on this a couple months ago when I bought the airport and he said he’d get it fixed, but I still don’t yet have any update from SimMarket.

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As I understand it, he doesn’t have reliable power right now so I don’t know how much FS work he’s getting done. I will bring it up though.

(Edit) I chatted with Oleg and he said he will look at it. He thanked you for bringing it to his attention.

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I have a general question for anyone who might already have the South Oaks Hana airport installed.
I noticed recently that the rock wall around the terminal building has disappeared.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled my MSFS but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on this problem.
Anyone else have any similar issues/recommended solution(s)?

Just popped over to Hana to check, and my rock wall is still there.

Can you re-download and re-install your Hana add-on?

Yes, I did that a couple of times and different ways to no avail.
Yesterday, I completely uninstalled my MSFS (store PC version) and reinstalled without any add-ons at all. Then installed Hana again. But still no rock wall.

I am 99.99% certain it is just me with the problem, as the developer says no one else has complained about it.

But I am now at a complete loss as to what’s left?

I have a feeling that when I uninstalled MSFS there were remnants that might have survived. I used the XBOX app to uninstall the sim but if it’s anything like FSX, there are places that remain untouched during the uninstall. I just don’t know what/where they are…

Any suggestions?

That’s so weird. Is it a Marketplace airport bought in the sim, or one you manually downloaded and copied to the Community folder?

I’d suggest deleting the Rolling Cache in settings (even if you have it turned off, the sim creates a small one).

Then go to C:\Users\YOURACCOUNT\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache

…and delete the contents of the SceneryCache and SceneryIndexes folders.

Finally, delete the Community\southoakco-phhn (or the equivalent in Official\OneStore if you bought from the Marketplace) folder completely, rather than overwriting it.

It’s a Marketplace airport I bought in the sim.

Thank you for weighing in and providing your suggestions. Unfortunately, I actually had already tried your recommendations previously. No luck.

I was 99% certain that it was solely my problem, though. So today, being a Saturday I decided to reformat the C-drive, reinstall Win 11 and MSFS from scratch. Why not? Guess what?

The problem remained!

My last and final stab at this issue was to go to my content manager and install each and every add-on that showed up in the “not installed” list- World Updates, Bush Flights, Discovery Flights, Training Courses, POI’s, Garmin upgrades, etc. etc. all that “stuff”.

The rock wall reappeared!

I haven’t the slightest idea which of all the optional MSFS add-ons “fixed” the problem, but I strongly suspect that it was one of the World Updates.

A few words of caution here, though - some of those “options” might not actually be optional!


Oh, wow. I’m so glad you got to the bottom of it, and sorry to hear you had to go through so much frustrating troubleshooting to get there! I’ve been through similar issues when the problem just makes no sense and I know how utterly exasperating that is!

Yeah, I’ve found a lot of dependencies on world updates in freeware add-ons. Didn’t realize there were also some payware airports with similar concerns. A good lesson, and thanks for sharing that!


Amazing news. We finally get some love for Hawaii, Oceania including Hawaii announced as next world update 13! It’s Been a long time coming.


Whoa, that’s fantastic!!! Did they give a release date?

Jorg said they have really good data for Hawaii, 1m DEM even inside the craters etc! PG is still uncertain, due to poor weather they were a bit behind but he still hoped they would get the PG in place for Hawaii.

@Latka It’s scheduled for April, would guess towards the end of the month but not sure if there was a specific date already announced.


Excellent. Thank you! With the time change, the dev stream was at 0630 local and I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed. I’ll have to watch the replay.

1m DEM is frickin FANTASTIC. Taburet has a 10m DEM, and it looks good with that. It’s going to look soooooo nice.


Yep! I checked again and he said “I think we have 1m DEM” to be fair, so I guess it needs to be confirmed but should be really good data, as he also said the data for Hawaii is both “great” and “new” :smiley:


Oh holy cow!!! This has me very excited. I’ve been spending a lot of my free time on other things, but that update will get me back to MSFS for sure. I can’t wait!

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My suspicion was wrong. It wasn’t caused by one of the World Updates. I reinstalled each of them with all the other stuff removed and the rock wall remained missing.

With all the excitement of the latest system update, I just went ahead and reinstalled all the other options in the content manager and naturally the rock wall reappeared.

Will try to do more fault isolation at a later date.

Great news on the impending Hawaii update which is long overdue!

I watched a replay on twitch (since I missed it ‘live’), and they mentioned Kona Airport - but do we think there’ll be fixes to PHNL? The Airport has an iconic tower that’s currently missing and I’d love to see it included.