"Alone" with ghosts on Multiplayer

I´m kinda fed up with the current state of the “Multiplayer” ore better the ATC in relation to the Multiplayer.

Atc just completly Ignores any Player flown aircraft, which leads to well… Rather unsatisfactory experience.
It is allways Silent on the Radio. Most times the only one talking with ATC is oneself, ore very few AI planes. But they are allways reffered as “generic” - which is also kinda sad. But even when i Fly into a high popular area, i still can´t hear any other players. I´m fed up with ATC cearing me into the path of another aircraft. I dont want to get takeoff clearence simultanous with 3 other aircraft. I don´t understand why each and evry plane has to get the SAME stand/gate on an airport. I want them to recognize ALL the planes. What good is an multiplayer, where you only see “ghost” who can´t interfere with you? I mean, i get that there are some problematics with some people just wanting to troll, and maybe crash on porpuse ore park on an active runway ore whatever. But those guys are realy the exception, and can be easyily bee dealt with.

I just don´t want to feel so ■■■■ alone in this multiplayer anymore.

Vatsim or the like might be the avenue you want to explore.

I completely agree with this statement. Hopefully this will be improved.

So you want ATC to recognize other players regardless of how they are flying? Yea no thanks! LOL.