Alpha beta testers surprise?

I may have missed this in the stampede, but anyone heard about the promised surprise for Alpha /Beta testers?

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It was the thank you balloon over Asobo’s corporate headquarters in the sim.


Wow, I’m totally for their mission but they were better off not announcing anything… just another excuse for disappointment.

With 17000 testers I had limited expectations. The Thank You was nice.


Where can I find it, or is it burst?


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I’ve not actually seen it. I guess you could look up their address in France and scope it out.

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Surprise! The stuff we have been diligently reporting still isn’t fixed…thats what we get for Alpha testing.


Woo hoo - we can’t beat that!

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44°50’59.9"N 0°34’16.2"W

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I got sent a 3090 as a gift - did you guys get nothing from Asobo?


a worse running version than alpha

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We all got that, but the REAL surprice?


I instaliert the Sim on another drive and as a surprise I have no more Premium Deluxe content and the purchased Orbx are gone.
have reinstalled 4 x without success
Suppper surprise

lmaooo :sweat_smile: :joy: