Alpha/Beta version vs Retail version

There are many threads about how alpha/beta ran much better than the release version. Does Microsoft get feedback from the testers and were the testers legit Sim enthusiasts that know their stuff or just bunch of Call of Duty people that were flying VFR and enjoying the graphics? It seems like Microsoft broke the release version and the alpha/beta version was a better and more stable one. It seems like Microsoft just ignored the testers feedback and released a broken game.

P.S. No disrespect to the Call of duty community, I like the game as well.


Many testers are real-world pilots, many were also new to the game. You can tell since they’ll have the “Tech Alpha” tag on their name. Other than that, let’s remember that the Alpha/Beta is still under NDA.

If you want to discuss the credentials of alpha testers feel free to do so but any talk of the Alpha/Beta will be flagged. :slight_smile:


wonder why they’re being so secretive on alpha/beta performance, surely performance has increased on the release version!

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Not all of them anymore for some reason…

There was a slight hiccup somewhere at some point. Users who have lost their title should drop a message in this thread: Tech Alpha Insider tag removed?

also, i do not have the tag displayed as i have the local guide badge on display instead.

a tech alpha invitee can be completely invisible if they wish to remove their badge / display another one.

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