Alpha Game at best!

This sim is just beyond frustrating! Every time you use it things start breaking. I’ve very limited time in my busy life to sit down to enjoy this sim and something is always preventing you from flying from point A to point B.
Just now the whole game just crashed on me because I clicked on the flight map icon during flight, that says to me the code is alpha. I work at a technology firm and our customers would absolutely escalate such an issue to the max…nothing should ever break simply because you clicked on something, which is a common theme with this sim.
I spent an awful lot of money getting a new PC and monitor with the latest high spec components that only has this sim installed, the latest drivers and Windows 10. Can I return everything to Asobo and get them to return my money for their underdelivered product??

Have you looked at the “Known Issues” at the top of the forum?


Thank you @Hester40MT! The issues I’m experiencing are not the same as any of the Known Issues.

Tried playing again for only a few minutes but still lots of new random issues each time I play, this time I’m getting massive screen tearing of the outside when I’m in the cockpit. Also water objects now appear with some type of white lines.
Also the auto-pilot issues that were noted to be fixed are simply not, why can’t any of the turboprop aircraft simply fly as per the AP…during random times in clear weather conditions the plane will decide it’s better to suicide and start diving towards the ground.
All this makes the game frustrating, not enjoyable. I think no end user should be subject to checking for major issues that make a simulator unusable.

Unfortunately I cant disagree with the OP.

There is so much wrong with this game, from the left lurching A320 on landing to the really, really bad engine profiles etc on the GA planes, the TBM to me is the only flyable plane.

It sad that this early on modders are not modding but fixing things.

Example. Take off from KBCE in the 172, you will have to lean the engine as it is high alt. However in MSFS2020 its a joke the plane just cant do it. I go to X-plane, lean the gas etc and its all good. This is just one example, the 787 is crazy.

We have a lovely looking game, but the flying part is not right, The only plane I can use with confidence is the moony addon, or the TBM. They have to stop with the eye candy and get the flying 100% right.

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It worked well at launch IME, but now nothing really works. Landing challenges are broken, autopilot is broken for the most part, landings don’t register, switching views or turning quickly cause CTDs. The chance of getting from A to B is slim at this point.

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