Alpha yoke bank to the left

Hi all, currently i have problems with GA planes and the alpha yoke. Suddendly the planes bank to the left, this problem is for propeller only aircraft. Video attached

When does ‘suddenly’ occur? Immediately after takeoff? During cruise?

Always in flgiht. After 1000 ft more or less i try to put the plane in line but after some seconds the plane suddendly bank to the left and i meed alway to correct and use rudder trim to the right to adjust

All MSFS prop driven aircraft have props which are turning clockwise, hence they correctly suffer from a left turning/rolling tendency.
Using rudder trim to counteract this tendency is 100% correct.

An additional item is the cabin and fuel load. MSFS has the same exaggerated moment arm simulation FSX/P3D already had, which means that an asymmetric load, like pilot only on the left side, causes an additional too large left turning tendency.
Putting a copilot of the same weight in your aircraft will also reduce (or even remove) this tendency.

Is this a piper arrow you are flying? I had the same issue with mine. You have to activate the Copilot on your EFB. Than you will be balanced and the turning disappears.

Yes correct it’s the piper arrow. I think the P factor it’s esagerated from justflight + esagerated from MSFS likePZL104 said. I try to put the copilot in the cockpit and it’s better. The very strange things is that i friend of mine have it and don’t have this issue. I think my saitek rudder pedal starting to death after years and maybe some joke come from this. Waitig the Charlie pedals…

I think you are right i will put weight on copilot ide to counterbalance this effect.
Thanks for your hel guys

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You can also increase the dead zone of your yoke only to see if it gives wrong inputs.