Alpha Yoke or XPC?

Sorry to post this here, but I’m not sure how to make a new topic (I’m new to MSFS forums). Anyways, I currently have the Logitech yoke, 2 panels, and rudder pedals and plan on upgrading to the Honeycomb yoke and throttle. I originally planned to just get the Alpha yoke, but I’m starting to consider the XPC. Is the XPC any better and is it worth the extra hundred dollars? Thanks. (also if anyone could help me post this in the right place that would be great too…)

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The xpc has hall sensors rather than pots and is therefore more accurate. Hall sensors don’t have contact points like pots and should therefore have a much longer useful life too.

For what it’s worth I have the Alpha xpc and paid around £250 for it around a year ago. It’s quite good, probably best described as mid range and much better than the Saitek one I had before.

Whether this is worth the extra money only you can really decide.

You might also want to consider the thrustmaster boeing yoke too especially if you sim in airliners. It’s also quite good and I only decided against it because I wasn’t too keen on the way it seems to sit between your legs. YMMV here.

With regard to Honeycomb generally you might also want to bear in mind that the company appears to be in a period of uncertainty which may have repercussions regarding customer support, returns and repairs :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have bought both versions (my original got taken out in a storm/electrical). New XPC version is noticeably better - smoother yoke operation, less jittery and a better response in game.

Thank you! Would you say then that the XPC is worth the extra money?

Thank you! I was originally planning to hold off until July, around Amazon Prime Day when prices are cheaper (and fourth of July here in America). I think I might go with that plan. I recently read that the xpc has a spring loaded magneto switch. Is that right? Just asking because you have it. Also, you mentioned upgrading from a Saitek yoke… that’s what I currently have. What did you end up doing with that yoke? I’m planning on selling my yoke but I could use some tips :confused:

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No problem. Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, the XPC does have a spring loaded magneto switch. It’s actually quite fun to use, a bit like starting a car up when you twist the key. A bit gimmicky I know but I guess there is still a bit of the ‘eight year old kid’ left in me somewhere. Ah … those were the days :joy:

Regarding the Saitek yoke I’m probably the last person to listen to regarding getting rid of old equipment. I stuck it in the bedroom wardrobe as soon as I got the Alpha yoke and it has been there ever since. I would happily give it away to be honest since it’s just taking up storage room. A more sensible option would probably be to sell it but really any tips I would give on this would not be worth listening too :rofl:

Enjoy the yoke. You will find it better than the logitech/Saitek one you currently have :+1:

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Take a few photos, stick it on eBay. When you upload it will give you a suggested starting price.
Or just put it for 99p and let the market decide :slight_smile:

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Thanks Baracus :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries. I should follow my own advice too, but like you, all my old gear is just stashed and taking space!

I think “in my spare time would I rather be eBay’ing, or flying”. Flying always seems to win!


Yes, like you I kind of know what I should be doing but unfortunately, if I’m honest, I won’t end up doing :slightly_smiling_face:

Thing is, it’s working okay too. Well … just like it did when it was new anyway (won’t get negative and say any more on this). Shame there’s not a simmer close by who would appreciate it. He/she could have it for free :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will do that. Thanks

Your Saitek yoke… kinda funny :joy:
I think I will try to go with the XPC… again, thanks!

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