Alpha Yoke Sensitvity

OK, I know I am on the wrong side of 60…BUT…before the patch setting up the sensitivity was easy… have been trying to adjust the axis inputs for the last hour…but every time I push the sensitivity button it come up “DONE”…what am I missing?

Bug after latest patch. Wait for hotfix.

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read that thread - there is info about where u can find config for your control and set sens and dead zones manually while u r w8ing 4 the patch

Sensitivity settings :joy:

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Thanks gents…ok ANOTHER stuff up.
Holding breath…

Something this basic is corrupted after a patch?

Same issue here. I managed to use FSUIPC7 beta to adjust my controls.The extreme flutter and sensitivity
is much better.

Good idea…I use FSUIPC on P3D…forgot all about it. :+1:t2: