Alt+F4 Closes the sim without any warning!

Hi team!

During a long flight yesterday i was taking some screenshots. by default the nvidia app takes screenshots with ALT+F1.

By mistake i hit ALT+F4 and BANG! the sim closed without warning. No “Are you sure you want to close?” or anything. It just closes.

Please add a confirmation before closing the sim, or maybe an option like “Confirm before closing” or something like that.


Hmmm ALT-F4 is exactly there for the user to exit programs immediately. Has nothing to do with fs2020. I don’t think it is even possible to build in a confirm box before the closing.
I love ALT-F4 when i need it.


alt+f4 is the global windows shortcut to kill the program without warning, usually in cash of a freeze. So i see no use for putting a warning there


Csgo doesnt not close by pressing ALT+F4 but works differently and gives warning.

I’ve done same when changed nvidia experience layouts hit ALT+F4 instead of ALT+F3 and MFS2020 was gone🤣

Please not another pop up asking for confimation, there are already too many in the IT-World.

Better watch what you are pressing!

No need for another confirmation popup EVERY TIME for the misclick happening ONCE a year (or so)…


Alt+F4 trigger an application exit event/message which can be trapped.

Try for yourself. Open Notepad, type something, ALT+F4, it will ask you to save.


I’ve brought this up before. I’m perfectly aware that Alt+F4 is the default windows shortcut to close an application, but it should never do so without confirmation if it means data will be lost.

The current functionality feels like a dev feature that was left in by accident.

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No it isn’t, it’s simply a shortcut for close/exit. If an application isn’t responding, Alt+F4 won’t close it.

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Good to hear the FACTS from someone, and not just assumed, made up “Misinformation”.

  • Yes, of course ALT-F4 can be trapped, and then the program can do whatever it likes after that.

  • Yes, or course it need to be error trapped in MSFS …
    with so many key Commands, its a MUST to prevent accidental closure of the sim.

100% gets my VOTE …


Believe me, you will see the need when during a long flight you press it by mistake while trying to take a screenshot.

It can be handled by the application. I’m a software developer and i do it all the time. Besides, what is the harm? It can be an option on the settings section. “Ask before closing” or something like that.


Not gonna lie, this is freaking hilarious lol. I can only imagine your reaction upon hitting Alt F4 by mistake.


same as ALT + L => flashlight … I pressed million times WindowsKey + L

I reported ticket, but only because after un-locking windows then all Lights of Airplane are off :joy:

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Like -> :no_mouth: :frowning: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: !!!

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I like it. I always exit the sim through Alt-F4 after finishing a flight. Saves the trouble of going through the menus. Never pressed it by accident.


Like everyone else said, alt-f4 is a shortcut to kill the program. It doesn’t warn you and it’s been like this since Windows 3.0. I thought this thread was intended as a joke initially to tell you the truth. Just try hitting alt-f4 now on your browser…it will kill it without warning. In fact, I want them to leave it this way. I don’t want to have to hit any other keys besides alt-f4 to kill the program instantly.

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All the people that didnt know what they talking about said that :smiley:

There are 3 (4 if you include a crash) ways to exit a process on Windows :

  • Application Exit (ALT+F4 does this), clean shutdown (all process finalizers will called)
  • Application FailFast, ‘dirty’ shutdown (minimal finilizers are run, like when you get an OOM)
  • Process Kill, all bets are off (process has no chance to clean up)

Edit: These are similar to SIGHUP interupts on Linux.

Argue all you want. The majority of apps are not programmed the way you describe. like I said I don’t support this initiative because I WANT the program to shut off immediately without asking “are you sure?” when hitting alt-F4.

Neither do I :smiley:

Just telling you that they are :smiley:

We are trying to be virtual pilots. I feel one thing a pilot should be able to do is not to push the wrong buttons by accident. :smiley:

Focus! Use the force if you have to!

Kidding aside: can’t you just change the shortcut in the nVidia app to something less problematic? I, for one, like the quick exit without having to confirm.

With so many “experts”, how can you tell who knows and who doesn’t? Hint – not this guy ^^^.

Another poster said that Alt-F4 triggers a Windows clean shut-down of an application. He is right – it’s just like pressing the X icon on the main window. A Window’s app gets a CanClose message, and can abort the close by returning False. This is commonly used in programs to avoid losing data, typically asking the user if they want to exit without saving if data has been changed. If no data has been changed, then they just allow the application to close without asking.

Want proof? Do the Notepad test by opening Notepad, typing in a few characters so that the data has changed, DO NOT SAVE THE FILE, then hit Alt-F4. What happens? Now try the same thing but pressing the X icon instead. What happens?

So it is Asobo’s choice to not currently trap the Windows CanClose message and allow the sim to close with no warning. They do ask if you’re sure you want to leave when using the Quit To Desktop option, but not with Alt-F4 or by pressing the X icon (my method).

It wouldn’t bother me if they trapped the exit – not just the Alt-F4 keystroked – and asked for confirmation. I run the sim in windowed mode, and I have closed it by accident.

Then I threw an adolescent tantrum, punched a hole in the wall, blamed Asobo for my last divorce, and smashed my flight computer with a sledge hammer. Quite the appropriate reaction to this life or death issue.