ALT knob incrementing differently now?

First flight of the day and my Streamdeck, ALT +/- is now changing by 1,000 instead of 100, like it was before.

Is this a server side change? No updates loaded here today on my sim.

I do not think my mapping of my new hardware would have caused the values of the ALT knob to change in increments from 100 to 1,000.

It is almost certainly a issues related to your new hardware. Plenty of threads about this already. Search for Honeycomb Alpha yoke, or something.

Click the ALT on the autopilot to change the increments from 100 to 1000, dont know why its defaulting at 100 and not 1000 though

It had always been incrementing by 100 for me. After 200 flights I noticed the change instantly. Thanks for the tip in pushing the knob to get 100’s again.

This is a known problem with hardware like the Honeycomb yoke. Any controller with switches that can latch will cause this. If you disconnect it, or ensure all the yoke switches are not bound to any functions, and the issue goes away.

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Thanks for that tip. That explains why it started last night. Much obliged!

Strange, but this started a few days ago with the Logitech Multi Panel and radio panel, plus… The Streamdeck. Now all of this stuff played together very happily until late last week, when a difference in behaviour was noted. I wonder if a change was made to simconnect or similar in the last update? It does seem odd, but at least, I have a spread of hardware and sims, which at least narrows it right down to MSFS.

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