Altimeter 29.92

Have you guys noticed that lately the Altimeter reading is always 29.92 (of course below 18,000 ft), even with rainy or cloudy conditions?

Is that what the ATC keeps telling you? The altimeter has its own slider. Are you flying in Live weather mode? or in a preset mode?

If you’re in preset mode, regardless of the conditions by default it’ll always be 29.92 inHg or 1013 hPa unless you specify otherwise.

If you’re on Live weather mode, it should be dynamically changing based on the location you fly out of or flying into. If on live weather mode and you’re seeing cloudy and rainy conditions, then it should be triggering just fine. And it’s probably a coincidence that it happens to be 29.92.

I fly Live weather and ATC tells me that it is 29.92 which is strange because in cloudy and rainy conditions usually its different. This is happening the last 2 days, unless of course, as you said, its a coincidence.

Well, yeah that could be, but if on a clear day the base air pressure already different in the first place, having the cloud and the rain could still be different than the base which can make it into 29.92 as well. It depends on a lot of atmospheric factors though, but I would think it’s a coincidence. If you want you can try to jump in to many parts of the world. Try in Europe, then Asia, then Middle-East. Then Australia, Then South America, try high altitude airports, low altitude airports. Try day and night.

If every single one of them are 29.92 while having Live weather mode… then there’s probably an issue. Otherwise, I would think it’s just a coincidence.

Just check the METAR in real life and compare the values. It’s easier than jumping to many different airports.

That could work, if Metar ever matches with the sim live weather. Based on my observation, they never do. Which is a completely separate issue than the one mentioned here.

OK I will do that ,fly around the world, but of course with the new update the moment I go to main screen and enter a new location I get a CTD so I have to restart the PC every time…
My specs: i7 9700, RTX2060 and 32GB Ram

Where are u usually flying?
I am flying in Europe and the Temperature, pressure and wind are most of the time quite accurate or even spot on

I’ve also noticed this, stays the same at 29.92. It’s only been over the last 2 days though.

Well I am in Johannesburg airport (6.000ft elevation), South Africa now with cloudy weather and the Altimeter is still 29.92…

When I take the first flight, everything is OK. Live weather gives the correct air pressure.

It is strange, however, when I end the flight and want to start a new one from the map, the standard air pressure is reported, but the weather (cloud cover) seems to be the live weather (maybe coincidence?).

The current Altimeter is QNH 1022 or 30.18

what program is that? Give me the link please. I am in Durban SA now and cloudy and still I get ATC 29.92

So how do you convert hpa to Altimeter readings?

It’s normally an indication that the sim has lost real weather for some reason. I’ve been flying in real life for many years and can say that the pressure setting is rarely spot on 1013, if it is it won’t be for very long as pressure is constantly changing as pressure systems are moving and filling in or decaying around the globe.

Hpa / 33,86389 => Hg
Hg x 29,52998 => Hpa
Click on second result … and you can download it

Live Weather is not real weather. You should not expect the METAR to match. It was never meant to.

I never said I was.