Altimeter 2992 continue as planned

I wish Asobo would break up that ubiquitous ATC string and insert a moment of silence following the digits. I keep hearing “to continue as planned,” maybe because I’m not a real life pilot and I have my hands full as my Development A32NX climbs out and ATC keeps asking me to change frequencies as I fiddle with FP Discontinuities and Direct To settings in the MCDU just as I’m wondering what causes that buzzer I hear that doesn’t have anything showing in the Upper Ecam… (I once asked my wife to handle the radios but she’s not interested.) I’m mentioning this now as something to keep in mind when the sim’s ATC is revamped.

Why not sort the discontinuities before taxiing like most other people :wink:


You’re right. I indeed fix discontinuities before I leave the gate and I should have stuck to my topic, ATC instructions issued without pauses. Originally, I typed a single line after my title, and that’s the first line of my original comment. I should have left it at that, fleshing it out was a bad idea and poorly illustrated.

There are other instances of this, where the continuous stream of the ATC voice sounds very artificial (as it is, of course), and just not real - a few pauses shouldn’t be too hard to implement, and would give a much better feeling of immersion.

But, of course, there are just so many things like this on the Asobo TODO list, we will be very lucky if it ever happens.

Why not do things properly and not fix discontinuities. They are there for a reason and are part of real life flying. Fixing them is a simple DIR to the waypoint at the appropriate time.

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Amen. Lots of more important stuff on their plate. But, overall, I’m very happy with the sim.

I know what you mean. I finally learned, recently, that discontinuities are there for a reason. This was explained in the FBW website once I got around to reading it. I try to get my MCDU set up correctly at startup but there are times when switching that big knob to PLAN will only show a misshapen line with fishhook-type wiggles and I’ve taken off nevertheless, just to avoid resetting the flight. Well, these are the occasions when I’ve been able to use Direct To once underway. With good results, I might add.

Flying those airliners correctly is exacting work and I’m learning more and more every day. I know there’s a lot more to flying a heavy than can ever be reproduced in PC simulations. Just the same, isn’t this sim amazing?

Don’t worry too much about the line in plan mode. I’m sure FBW are working on it to iron out these issues. I have noticed this but as the flight progresses the kinks are visually ironed out. I only use DIR at the end of a SID where a discontinuity will always be found and on occasions where in a STAR the last point is a point at which ATC would normally vector you for approach and generally the word MANUAL will be in the MCDU plan followed by the discontinuity.

Thanks for your input. It’s good to know the occasional bizarre FP line is being looked at.