Altimeter and vertical speed

In reality when you climb or descend, your aircraft may have up to 20-30 sec delay between the altitude change and the time the instruments show any change. Currently in the SIM the change is nearly immediate. Clearly it’s more fun to fly like that but also a lot less realistic. I would strongly suggest to at least have a switch to reflect a bit more the reality.

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A 20-30sec delay on the altimeter and the VSI? I’ve never seen or heard about such an excessive delay.
It would be impossible to e.g. fly any instrument approach with a significant lag, let alone that much.
Btw, many aircraft do have an IVSI.
How Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicators Combat Lag Time (

I don’t know if MSFS uses this variable, but the VSI lag can be adjusted in the systems.cfg.

20-30 sec indeed is too much of a delay, but it was to give a point. Anyhow a VSI is not considered reliable due to the delays they will have anyhow:
Flight Instruments: Vertical Speed Indicator - Schaefer Flight

Also for most of those small aircraft they are not certified for IFR flights.

How do you fly an instrument approach if it’s considered unreliable?
The initial lag doesn’t mean that the indication is unreliable.

That’s new to me. Do you have any source/link for this?

For example where I fly, we have those conditions (prices and such):
Prices and conditions
From all the list of aircrafts you can rent only the HB-PIX is certified IFR. Oddly enough if I check that EASA says about IFR requirements:
What makes an aircraft IFR certified?
Most if not all the aircrafts previously mentioned should be capable of IFR flight, maybe in my country (Switzerland) you must certify your aircraft for IFR and you will have additional requirements? No clues.

I don’t see any requirement for an IVSI and I honestly never encountered any problems when flying precise instrument approaches with a ‘normal’ VSI, despite the lag being ~7sec.

In airliners IVSIs are standard at least since the 1960s.

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Usually on small aircrafts you fly by speed, even during descent. That means, you know that at a given power setting if you descent at a given airspeed you will have that descent rate. So you adjust more your airspeed and then simply check if that somewhat match the VSI.

All that to say, to me while FS is simply an incredible piece of software it lacks a few things to really make it feel like an actual aircraft. In most case it flights too good, no lags in instruments, and when you then fly in real life, you will see that it doesn’t reflect reality.

I disagree. It would be impossible to fly precision instrument approaches that way.

And again, VSI lag can be adjusted in the systems.cfg. At least in FSX is does affect lag.