Altitude Bug survived WU6

I haven’t had any altitude issues since WU6 either. After SU5, I stuck with GA planes at low altitudes to someone get around that annoying bug. Since WU6, I’m back to flying the CJ4 at FL450 and haven’t been told to adjust my altitude a single time yet.

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Xbox user:

I thought the ATC altitude constant nagging had at first gone away, however solely using the flight assistant from take off to landing and time and weather set to live, the nagging comes back. I usually arrive close to the set height and linger 100 feet or so from what is set. The nagging starts. If I turn off the live weather, the aircraft ascends and typically rests at the set height.

A very annoying feature.

yeah, you’re right.
Just did a full IFR flight.
My altitude is tracked correctly so I am no longer told to climb or descend during cruise.

But everyone else does.

I cannot confirm that this was an issue since release, and I am on the sim since even long before release date :wink:

To me, this was introduces with SU5 and I somewhat assumed that the cause is the same for me as for AI.

So yes, following the release notes letter-by-letter the bug was solved for US.
Unfortunately it is still there for AI.

To me the more annoying thing.
Before, I simply changed my altitude to mach ATC readout - not realistic but did the job.
But having the frequency occupied because of AI and therefore missing your TOD, Approach instructions and handover is very disturbing.
And of course, the constant repetitive chatter is very disturbing as well…

I hope they can fix that soon, as turning traffic off or switching to VATSIM / IVAO is simply not an option for me

I currently fly with live traffic. The AI traffic anyway is quite, how should I put it, lacking? Live as well, but at least the ATC is not constantly harassing the other poor planes.

Regarding incorrect altitude

  • SU4 = :slightly_smiling_face:GOOD
  • SU5 = broken
  • SU5 Hotfix1 = broken
  • SU5 = Hotfix2 = broken
  • SU6 = broken

Speechless :-1: :clap: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (Them too apparantly)

By “them” you refer to Asobo and CMs?


And altitude bug did not survive WU6, it was fixed exactly as advertised. ATC is not telling you anymore to change altitude like it did after SU5.

The ATC telling AI planes to do that is a different bug and I don’t think it was ever even filed, as we were complaining only about our own plane.


I’ve not seen any altitude related issues with WU6. I thought you had stopped using MSFS?


Live traffic doesn’t seem to have this issue. I fly all my flights with live traffic and there’s no excessive “expedite your climb/descent”

@StarlessLion50 Thats good to hear.
Do you mind to share your Traffic and weather settings?

Because I completed 3 more IFR flight, and while noone complained about my altitude, the Real-World Live traffic that I was on with real weather was constantly to expedite climb or descent.

So if it isn’t a general bug, there is hope I can fix it with proper settings.

Yes, same here. It’s affecting AI traffic, not live one.

I have the issue, started happening during SU5. Have tried both the default 29.92 and barometer reading given by ATC. Set as Live Weather and tried adjusting time, but no fix.

Do you use Pilot Assistant? I’m wondering if it a bug with that program as the feature as a whole has never fully functioned correctly since release. My guess is whatever SU5 introduced with the barometer bug which Asobo now claims was fixed for the 3rd time with WU6, the Pilot Assistant wasn’t properly coded for?

Ex: FBW A320 (or any airliner in my case), setup an IFR plan with Live Weather with a high altitude flight plan. During first step climb to between 10-20k ft, is when you level out 500ft below ATC’s designated climb altitude and you get ATC annoying you about being too low. Adjusting the barometer doesn’t work to fix the low altitude.

Only work around is to set weather to a static default (typically I set to all clear), then the AI Pilot and ATC are happy and you can continue your flight to your destination.

Just an immersion disappointment that can’t fly with live weather during a long haul flight. I use the AI Pilot to babysit the flight plan, so all I’m physically around for is taxi, takeoff, and landing.

Why would you do that? Why don’t you climb to the designated altitude? If you level out 500ft below the altitude, of course ATC is going to pester you to climb. Am I missing something here? Is that something the AI pilot does? I have never used it. If that’s the case, you might have inadvertently found out the reason why AI traffic is still being commanded around continuously by the ATC.

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Yes I have.

I don’t, the AI Pilot function does. The altitude set on the alt gauge is set correctly, yet the AI Pilot levels it out 500 ft below what the gauge is set as. Adjusting the barometer to one extreme or the other isn’t enough to make plane climb within the 250ft threshold of the set altitude, which ATC will callout the next climb or cruise altitude.

This is what is happening for me, even with clearing the community folder. Try it yourself and see? I feel it something more with the core function with the sim and some bug possibly with AI Pilot.


Yep, stop using the AI pilot and file a bug, that’s not how it’s supposed to handle things :slight_smile: This really might also be the reason why the ATC is bugging the AI traffic constantly!

Live weather and live traffic, that’s all.

@StarlessLion50 than you.
But as this is exactly the settings I am using as well this means it is not on the user’s end.
So the altitude bug is not (completely) fixed, as for at least some users other traffic is still constantly told to climb or descent and the cause is not on the user’s end.
Maybe it only happens on certain weather conditions and I was just not as lucky as you with this when I was flying.
So far it is 100% reproducable for me, flying IFR in Central Europe with real weather and live traffic.

So let’s hope and see if this will be fixed soon.

Because like this, flying is not much fun and anything but realistic…

We’re you flying over mountain ranges at the time?

I get a great deal of ATC chatter regarding Expedite you climb/descent. To a point where i couldn’t turn off ATC.

Have a look at 30:30

Is there a way to reduce these ATC call outs?

Try the clear weather preset for now. Don’t know what will happen using stock ATC but on VATSIM the controllers see me at the altitude.