Altitude difference issue

I have a weird issue with my altitude gauge beeing off about 2500ft if i try to adjust it on the ground to zero in the USA…
Normally i fly around in europe mostly, and when i start my flight near my Hometown on Schiphol (EHAM) and tune in the barometric pressure given by the ATC, its mostly off by a few feet and a nudge on the dail and its on 0 altitude when parked on the ground

Now i’m doing several FSEconomy flights in the USA Texas area, and even if i turn the barometric dail to any extreme at best i get it on the ground at lowest as 2500ft altitude, thus when i fly at 500ft it reads 3000ft on the gauge…

Now i understand netherlands is at sealevel, and Texas lies a bit higher, but i should be i suppose to be able when on the ground parked, to set my altitude meter at least near 0 too, so it reads the correct altitude, but as said, i come 2500ft short…

Is this a bug, or something i overlook, when i use the ATC barometric pressures, its even 3800ft off, so kinda at a loss, why i cant get my Altitudemeter at the same settings as when i am in europe, read 0 when on the ground…

No idear even how its in reality… never flown anything bigger as a ultra light Icarus in Lelystad :wink:

You got the correct barometric pressure selected? We use hPa in Netherlands (and most of the world as well) and inHg is used in the USA

Ok, i feel sudden a utter n00b here, but i indead never changed any pressure setting indead, never thought of it either… Just assumed it would be the same everywhere and that it was just a readout setting like Celcius/Fahrenheid…

So, i have to change the pressure setting somehwere, i assume then in settings, as i dont recall any dail or settings for that in planes…

It almost sounds like you are flying in QFE rather than QNH. In other words, before takeoff, set your altimeter to the field elevation above sea level, rather than zero. So if you are sitting on the ground in Dallas, TX / DFW, it would read approximately 600’ (not zero feet). And the altimeter setting in inches would match what is set in the weather setup (i.e. 29.92)

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Probably didn’t, as the planes default to inHg as standard because they haven’t implemented metric aviation standards yet.

Have you tried with pressing “B” on your keyboard what happens?

Can’t help you more than that, I prefer my VFR’S around our little country most atm so I don’t fly at the states untill I can do some IFR

Nope, pressing B doest help, 29.92 is at 2500ft normally in our little country thats about a few feet about sealevel… And like you always played near the Netherlands, but with the lovely VRF in MSFS, i wanted to take a VFR scenery tour through the USA, and picking up along the way some FSEconomy assignments, that admittingly brings me in MSFS at some really fun and challenging routes and airfields.

@ JuiceBox7535

Ok, i think i understand what your saying, and i use the wrong settings, and thus the numbers are utterly off… You prolly noticed i’m no pilot, and spreading my wings but further out the first time in a Sim beyond our little country, as there is now so much to see in MSFS :smiley:

What bird are you using? Sounds like a bug or problem at your part. For example, if you go into EHAM, does your altimeter says -30ft ish when you synchronize? Or is is still at 2500ft?

I’m have the issue in every plane is MSFS, never noticed it before as in the EU i never had the issue, on EHLE en EHRD EHAM, EHHV the difference at 29.92 is about roughlu -30 to -10ft when on the ground, with ATC calling out new pressure value they all seem correct to far my limted knowledge goes.
Even with the same plane now, if i start my flight on EHAM, its indead -30ish below 0 on the ground, as Schiphol is indead -29 meters below NAP…loading it up where i left it in C073, its nowhere near where it should be, as i understand at 29.92 should be around 600ft.

But here in the USA i noticed, at best, dailed to 28.20 at C073 currently in a C152 the altitude on the ground on the gaude states 2700ft. when pressing B its even 3600ft…
Now if there is a different setting for pressure readouts for the USA as they use a different system, i can understand my readings are off, but i cannot seem to find a option to switch that in the planes (ok mostly fly the C152 due i love steamgauges) and pretty familair as it can with it as a flightsimmer can be, but i dont recall, nor can find atm in the plane itself any setting for switch metric systems.

Nor i can find atm thusfar in the config of the sim itself a option, thus kinda stumped here, how to get the altimeter on the correct settings.

Ah the 172 has both readings in its altitude display, inHg on the left en hPa on the right (or other ways around, the one closer to 1000 is hPa :joy:). But if you got -30ish in the Netherlands it sounds alright. Have you searched for maps of the airfield to see the aiport elevation? Do a quick Google for ICAO airport chart (example EHAM airport chart) and something should come up, and it states the elevation in fASL, and crosscheck that with your altimeter

This is the elevation for Dallas Forth Worth (or whatever it’s spelled), does it match with your altimeter?image

Ok, i figured out that indead i am using Hg, as the tooltips how pressure in hG… but cannot seem to find in the c152 any switch for it… :frowning:

And cannot seem to find a option in the sim as well, and i assume the sim looks at my Win10 config and can make out of that pretty easy i’m using metric instead of imperial… Or it means i need new glasses and just looking blatantly pass it :wink:

Within your altimeter you’ll see 2 sets of numbers, on the inside. One is for inHg, one is for hPa (or mb, millibar). If there’s only one, it’s only inHg. If you turn the knob left directly below the altimeter you’ll see the numbers change, that is your local pressure setting.

C073 that about 205 miles east of Forth Worth, funny enough that atm the Flightpan heading for me, that elevation should be too around 600FT as juicebox7573 said, been at several airports now in the US, flow there now around for about 11 hours, from Austin Texas where i bought my plane (Remember i’m playing with FSEconomy), and was going towards alaska, heading into russia, then towards good old EU and finally touch down on our little country on EHAM, making a near worldtour in a C152.

But every airport in the USA texas from Austin KOUN, to atm c073 Hartman, Colorado, United States the altitude difference is that 2500ft at 29.92…what i now understand seem to be correct when you convert it into hPa.

So the Sim has put me into Metric, and i have to convert into imperial, what seems logical, however, i fail to see how i can put a C152 into hPa mode atm, and start to suspect the game knows i’m Metric, and puts planes in default Hg, and some planes have i notices 2 readouts but the c152 doesnt, and i suspect now the button for it is… TATA inop… :stuck_out_tongue: as after 10min close studying ever button in the cockpit, has no affect…

This is my altimeter in the C152, seems it can do only Hg as far i can see, and this i parked on the ground, at the dail turned as far as possible to get as close to 0 as possible.
This should be thus as i now understand and can find be at 602ft at 29.92 but at hPa, if i’m understanding it all correctly.

Oof that would be a shame but could be possible I guess. Didnt notice before since my computer is setup at simplified English (US) to use speech to text for Pilot2ATC, so that would explain a lot.

Haven’t read anyone else on the forum about this problem, but if they did that, that would be really stupid

NO! On the right you see the pressure in Hg, on the left it’s on mb. So it has both!

ok, so its that little MB thingy i should look at… ??

Kinda puzzled then, at the atc calls for exampe 30.10 pressure, i dail that in, and its off by miles…
With mb i see rounded numbers like in here 955
(sorry, real noob here in this regard :wink: )
So i only can conclude, the ATC is using for me, the Metric setting, and sshould be using Imperial…

In current atc environment you should use the right one (on the right haha), no matter where you fly, since all pressure is given in inHg. In general, if the given pressure is closer to 3000 use inHg, if it’s closer to 1000 use mb/hPa. Quick and dir ty reminder

Edit( why is it censoring D I R T Y :joy::joy:)

But i am kinda kinda stumped, i can understand the pressure readout from Hg and hPa, as conversion between metric and imperial, yet it seems to me, 29.92 Hg or 1013 mb on the dail, should give me a altitude of around 600 ft… Not as it is now 3570 ft on the ground.
and turned back to 28.20 Hg or 960 mb to 2700ft on the ground, that just seems weird to me, to have a altimeter beeing so much off…

I’m just used to have a few feet difference, in the EU, not so enourmous differences as i notice in the US, even LOWI doesnt has such a huge difference, while that at 2KM height difference or so. much higher as Texas is, yet my altimeter when at the right pressure is just a few feet off…

Yep that’s still really strange. Could be an issue with the weather engine, what is hopefully fixed in coming update. I’ll start my sim real quick and check what I’m coming down at, to determine if it’s a sim problem or something on your side, in wich case it’s best to install again I guess