Altitude Inaccuracy or ATC Confusion

Anyone found a fix for “please expedite your climb to xx,xxx” when baro is accurate and altitude is displaying true to baro? Note: this is new after the update for me on PC.


Known bug being worked on. Note it affects both built-in ATC and external networks like VATSIM. For AI ATC, simplest workaround is to not fly with live weather, but with one of the custom presets.

I turn off live weather when ascending above FL140 and turn it back on when descending below FL180

Yes I had this problem on my 86 minute flight from Boise to John Wayne/Orange County in the Longitude. Flight plan called for FL430 and I had to go up to FL455 before ATC stopped bothering me. And even then it was still messed up. But I did receive proper descent instructions.

Had this same issue yesterday on my flight form Grand Junction to Telluride. I just adjusted my barometer and ascended till ATC stopped bothering me.

Found this bug on a morning flight from Istanbul to Ankara. Thanks for the workaround - I’ll use it for the return flight!

It also happens with AI ATC and custom preset.

Thanks everyone - I appreciate the feedback. Really unfortunate this was missed in testing.

I use PF3 for ATC and same thing, it keeps nagging me to climb or descend when I am spot on with the correct altitude.

ATC is still a port of the ATC from FSX. They’ve said for months they’ll fix it…nothing except now it’s even worse.

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