Altitude vs performance

I notice that when on the ground till about 300-500 feet fps is roughly 10-15 fps lower then at higher altitudes. Strange thing is that it’s almost like a hard line that above a certain altitude fps just shoots up. Example: 40 - 50 fps during take off. Above 300ft fps go’s from 50 to 70 in a matter of seconds.

Above these altitudes fps are mostly stable. Even if i turn around to fly back over the airport.

Also this happens in photogrammetry cities as well as non photogrammetry. Though in photogrammetry the fps difference is bigger.

It’s kinda logical since being closer to the ground means more detail is being generated. Though i find it strange that this is not a smooth transition in fps.

Might wind also be causing this by interacting with the ground environment causing higher cpu usage?

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