ALWAYS Purple/orange clouds during sunset

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Brief description: Every sunrise and sunset, the clouds take on a too-warm shade of purple and orange. Such lighting is possible but should occur much less frequently. It should also concern individual clouds rather than even large storm systems that are now always overexposed with orange light inside. If we consider the visual aspect to be important, and the developers of the game have proven it many times, we should have much more cool shades in the sky. I am attaching a picture of a situation that the game engine is unable to generate at the moment

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just set the sunrise time in cloudy day

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I agree with you 100% .Voted!!

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Posting an evidence from the sim, south of LFAT:

I have posted in another thread as well, which was a wishlit item, and now posting this in the bugs thread as well.

I was really hoping the recently updated sky colours would sort this out but it seems to have only made things worse.

This is a live webcam view of LOWS Salzburg right now, where I have just landed.

This is what it looks like in the sim

I mean, it’s just utterly unrealistic.


Absolutely right. The problem is too little attenuation of light by clouds. Regardless of their thickness. Therefore, at sunset, when the light is actually very warm, it is not possible to completely suppress it by the layer of clouds (as they should) and instead transmit it endlessly. try to set the weather with two layers of cloud cover. let the higher be overcast. no matter how thick and dense it is, the amount of light underneath is still constant and the lower layer looks illuminated

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