Always same issue when update desperate help

Hi , i must post again the same old issue , when an update came , for example the last one of 5 giga , msfs2020 start download again 50 giga , as i wrote before , no add on 3 parts , ect ect , yet tried everithing found here and on google , never fixed , ps this always happen since first installation , uni and reistall many time no fixed - steam edidion… tks

Between updates do you do integrity file check? There are several issues with steam edition when people do integrity checks the Sim needs to download almost all files again.

No , never done that ttks

That’s weird. Probably you already check that but there it goes, try to see the msfs property tab on library and check somewhere on betas or dlc tab and see if there is anything related to beta test or anything like that. I don’t have steam edition so I am shooting on the darkness.

For some reason I have to do that when downloading the latest update, the machine downloads even 500MB and then forgets what has been downloaded and starts over … What would that fix when you can’t get to play before that has downloaded that update.

Tks all for help , but the issue still appear , again , update to ver and msfs download again the enitre software