Always the same toolbar, now working only with keyboard bind

Microsoft Store version

Impossible to fly in VR, once in VR toolbar doesn’t exit with the bind key on my hotas, also the vr cockpit focus is not functioning.
I am also unable to switch beetween vr and 2d during the flight, in the menu no problem.
Community folder empty

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:

Ryzen 5 5600 rtx3070 32 gb ram

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

fully updated

Ok, be honest fs2020 is not a simulator is a tool for people to improve the troubleshooting skills… You should sell it as a test for hiring employers.
So, the toolbar is functioning but ONLY if is mapped on keyboard, if I map it to Hotas, Joy, button box, cougar mfd it doesn’t functioning. I change the title and see if I can find a solution for the rest. Will send the bill later.

So after some tests I can confirm that toolbar is functioning only if is a keyboard bind.
For VR view reset and switch from vr to 2d there is no chance, even with the keyboard bind they don’t functioning, I need to press esc, and in the Menu they magically work everywhere…
I have also the rain inside the right eye bug

Someone have an idea ?

Do you have “home cockpit mode” enabled? If so then turn it off. This setting had me messed up for days.

Never see it, where I can find it ?

btw I am currently reinstalling all

something is changed, after reinstalling all and disabled Home Cockpit I have still issues :

-toolbar is functioning only if is a keyboard bind, no hotas mfd cougar or button box usb no changed
-VR view reset and switch from vr to 2d I need to press esc, and in the Menu they works with hotas or keyboard fixed both
-rain inside the cockpit only in right eye not tested baby was crying :laughing: