Am I Crazy? (Low FPS)

Hey everyone ive got a problem.

My pc specs are as follows
GTX1070ti 8gb vram
16gb ddr4 ram

I havent used msfs in a couple of weeks and when i redownloaded it a couple days ago i was getting absolute horrible fps. 15-27 fps in the cj4 WITH ULTRA LOW SETTINGS. Although i am running the game at 3840x1280 im still only at 1080p… I ended up finding a video of someone else playing the game with the exact specs i have and getting 27-30 fps at ULTRA settings. I decided to try maybe moving the resolution back to 1920x1080 and i get a consistant 34-40 fps with stutters all the way down to 10 fps, still not the performence im expecting out of a machine like this. Ive installed new drivers and none of my parts are overclocked at the moment. Any suggestions?

This sim is not optimized. It’s maxing out my 2080ti and barely using my 9900X CPU. It’s a mess so who knows why it does what it does


Don’t think anyone here is getting rock solid performance atm.Users with the latest and greatest hardware specially cards with enough vram are probably getting a decent experience but maybe not where it should be atm.
Try the High end preset.Two major things are causing stutters on my system.Texture resolution set to Ultra.Terrain LOD@200 both combined I have heavy stuttering. Now I have less stuttering with texture res set to high and I kept my Terrain LOD@200
What drivers are you on? I found the latest one is not stable. Currently on 457.30.

I would recommend running the gpuid tool to see what is causing your performance limitation. Alternatively experiment with a clean install of the nvidia driver from when you last played fs. I know some of the new drivers have cause significant performance issues recently for certain hardware.

You could also use the built-in FPS monitor tool in dev-modeto see what’s affecting your performance. If possible post a screenshot of it here so we can help you further.
You should be getting much better performance with your setup, so something is off.

Ultra-Setting might possible be a bit to much for a low- or lower-middle -end system , in special >Full-HD :wink:

Try to reduce a bit the vectordata / LOD… in parallel check which component is you bootleneck.

I hope you’re not, to many crazy “people” in this world😉

I would rather call it a challenge instead of a problem.
Just like you, my system isn’t really top-notch so I dealed living with lower settings.
i7, 1650 Q-max, 12GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, in a Lenovo Ideapad @ 1920x1080.
Not a single CTD and the only crashes I experience are when I overstress the bird in aerobatics attempts ( getter better the more I practice unusual altitudes)
So, the answer is: You’re not crazy but you’d better lower your expectations regarding your rig against the in game results.
If that is unacceptable to you, you have to upgrade your machine ( which comes with a price)

Happy :small_airplane:

I think it’s all about managing expectations and setting sensible parameters and not doing silly stuff to comrpomise your performance.

Take VR I have grass on low but in VR it still looks amazing - most other settings are on medium with high clouds and textures. I have a 2080Ti and 9900K and in the G2 is looks incredibly and is clear, is very smooth and flies great.

Of course optimisations can be made and we’ll see more when DX12 drops.

If you have installed the Nvidia Geforce Experience application, it is possible that this application will reset all your settings to the minimum, even if you do not ask it anything. I did so, so I deleted this stupid app.

wrong decision, because this app also offers other features e.g. shadowplay :wink:

Simple disable Auto-Optimization… mentioned and explained within some threads, eg.

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OK thanks for the advice. However, I won’t be reinstalling this app because I don’t need it. And maybe the problem with redskygaming96 came from this app anyway (?)

Maybe crazy to get into flight simming but tweaking performance is unfortunately the norm and frankly part of the fun.

this is of course true :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, because he only re-installed msfs.

But a check related to these auto-optimize-feature, which is per default on ( not so nice ) , is allways good idea :slight_smile:

Where can I grab this?

That’s good! You want your GPU maxed.

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There you go. I meant gpuz haha. It will show you what is impacting your performance.