Am I the only one facing this problem 😥

Hi guys … Blender newbie here and would appreciate any kind of help. The 3d Model I’ve downloaded from google maps and edited in Blender looks gridded or clipped when I load it into SDK .In the project I removed clipping by increasing the view min size and max size both render view and viewport but when I export my files to MSFS2020 I get this clipping model :roll_eyes: Is there a setting on blender that I have to enable while exporting as MSFS project ???​ And I have also tried baking with a clearer gridded result. What am I doing wrong I have no idea. The earth2MSFS decoder works just fine without Blender but as soon as I put it in Blender the exported files become like this regardless of editing :frowning:
edit : I can confirm that this turned out to be a Blender problem. I have exported my Blender file as obj. to MeshLab and opened it there. Same lines over there too… Still couldn’t find the solution. When I view in Render view window I see no lines but in viewport preview I see the lines too. I dont know how to get rid of them :frowning: I did UV Mapping then baked my texture but there seems to be a missing setting somewhere :frowning:

wish i could help…I have no idea but am still trying to find a simple tutorial of how to make a sloped hangar in blender! I cant even put a triangle on a cube so far, lol.

Is there some texture setting or material setting in blender that is automatically putting some default texture on it to cause these grids ? Look in the material section, maybe the issue is there ?

For anyone interested I have solved it :camera: Thanks to my Spanish friend who seems to be the only one who uses Earth2MSFS decoder he also noticed this and banged his head and found out that the maps are loaded with wrong type of Custom Geometric data when you use Earth2MSFS. To solve it ; in Blender you go to the Properties section of the object (scenery or object, could be the whole city) after you import it. Then go to the object data properties and click geometric data and “CANCEL” the custom geometric data. Then in the object menu add shade smooth and you are all done :camera: You can import even the whole cities and merge mesh by distance which would keep its integrity from now on. I will put pictures of the new edited scenery of mine after I finish. Probably tonight :camera: