Am I the only one who sees the irony in this forum?

So this forum is for home cockpit builders. Yet this Sim doesn’t even support multiple screens correctly.

Seriously guys, at least sort out the ridiculously distorted image on widescreen/triples already. PLEASE.


which Sim you mean ?

( because irony :wink: )

It depends on your cockpit . This is mine and I have it working pretty well with msfs. Of course there are missing assignable events but it is no worse than stock FSX aircraft in that respect. It is certainly flyable with my setup.


have you tried switching ‘lens distortion’ on/off from your graphics settings? Seems to help for some people on widescreen.

Yea, it makes basically no difference on triple screens. The image gets more and more heavily distorted the further you go from the middle. At the edges of my left and right screens objects that are 10km away look like they are passing right by.

guess triple screens takes it over the edge, should work fine for widescreen though.

Some better support would be great in the future, since it treats it all as a single screen in front of you right now, while in your setup the left/right monitors would most likely be angled inwards.

but yeh, the way I see it right now, widescreen is supported, triple screen is nott.

I don’t recall if it was a podcast or dev video, but the lead dev’s mentioned that the engine team has a multi monitor setup running and the feature will come eventually.

Yea we know it’s in the pipeline but no idea when it will be just yet.

That is the least worry for a home cockpit owner. The real problem is crucial functions and switches missing sim connect links. Funny enough the ones that are not available are often the most important and widely used ones. Like battery switch of A320, or whole A320 EFIS functions. At the moment it is impossible to fly without mouse interaction.

Addon aircraft developers might considering exposing those with their custom systems. But usual vultures like Carenado don’t care, and proper developers wont be releasing anything for another year.

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Yet another post having a needless dig at Asobo.

I’m pretty sure building a home cockpit is not exclusive to owning just one simulator MSFS and can take months if not years of dedication. There were similar discussions during the Alpha and it was fantastic to see what insiders had been up to.


What are you talking about? your video is from 2017, is working pretty well because is not FS2020 is FSX. The new FS2020 doesn’t support multiple screens correctly at all.

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True, the current videos were done in FSX but this week I intend to upload a video showing the same setup working with the Longitude in MSFS.

There are still some things to sort out as far as button mapping goes as I said, for instance the BUS TIE switch seems to be currently unmappable so that has to be done with the mouse, but it is perectly flyable with my cockpit.

I have now uploaded a new video on Youtube showing how I use my home cockpit with MSFS and the Cessna Citation Longitude. Enjoy !