Am I using stream data?

I have 300bpm data line. But I found last night I only used .9GIB data. Is that right?
here is my settings:

Sorry. Should be 300Mbps

If you’re not flying in photogrammetry areas data usage shouldn’t be too high.
Also, seeing as you reset your tracking every day, it looks like it’s used 2.8GB of data, not 0.9GB.

At the bottom of that screen is your rolling cache settings. If you have it on and fly in the same general area you may not be streaming much at all until you visit an area outside your cached region.

Flied new area last night. Saw my ethernet traffic sometime up to 1.x to 3mbps. I guess I am using streaming data. But less then I expected.

Were you flying in a photogrammetry area?

Suppose to. Las Vegas.

I would have assumed that it would have been streaming more. Although Las Vegas is less photogrammetry than it is hand-modeled and already stored on your computer. They put a lot of effort modelling the Vegas Strip for the USA World Update.

Try flying over Los Angeles and see what that does for your data. That’s one area that should be streaming a lot more since it’s all photogrammetry outside of KLAX itself.

I have just 40mbps and average usage has been past 280h in game around 3-25mbps.
MMFS2020 recomended speed was just 50mbps so i dont think it will ever go higher than that

will try it tonight. ty.

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