Amazing MSFS

My mid end system AMD 3600 Ryzen, 32GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB VRAM with windows10 Pro build number 2004. I can get 45FPS over NYC. Amazing MSFS… (Setting = High end)


Same. My specs are a little more, but very similar.

i9-9900k overclocked to 4.9 Ghz
64 GB memory
ASUS Rog motherboard
Nvidia 2700 Super
Corsair cooler
10 fans. :wink:

Did some research and just felt that for the money it didn’t make sense to pay the incredible difference in price to go to the Nvidia 2800.

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the Same 45 FPS

2080Ti FTW3 Hybrid
5000Mz 8700K
.M2 SSD 2Tb
48Gb RAM

I think that the NASA computer and Xbox will show the same 45 FPS :grin:

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Fly at 400 ft and lets see if you can maitain 45fps


Since you mentioned hard drives I supposed I could mention 2 1TB SSD, and 2 500 GB SSD installed as well.

There are most certainly times where frame rate is affected, without question and closest to the ground over dense content is the primary culprit. I guess it’s just the nature of the beast.

Here you go with 1440px

Spectacular images. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
They really showcase the wonderful work of Asobo in the graphics department.
No game out the box has THIS level of visual detail.



What are your specs?
I’ve got I7 7700k , geforce 2060 oc, 16 gb Ram. When I fly over NYC it stutters

AMD RYZEN 3600, 32GB 3200Mhz, RTX2060 6GB VRAM and A2000 M.2 NVME SSD (dedicated SSD for MSFS). Majority of time is smooth and just a little while have very small stutter. Inside cockpit will get 40 to 45fps with low attitude flying (1200feets)

Should I upgrade to 32gb RAM? will that increase my fps. I get 26 fps when flying over NYC

32Gb RAM will not increase your FPS, however they will improve them, removing some stutters. What is more important, you need fast memory, something starting from DDR4 - 3600.

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Sorry I don’t have an answer for you, I never evaluate 16GB RAM vs 32GB RAM FPS performance before. I try to build a system based on MSFS Asobo recommendation specs but due to my budget constraint , that’s only allowed me afford to have RTX2060. I know my graphics card is a bottleneck of the FPS performance because when I check the task manger which notice my GPU is 100% utilized instead my CPU only utilized below 45%.

Create your own manual data file in the settings. A lot of stutters are caused by data downloading and processing.


Thanks for the advice guys! I’ll look into it😄

May I know how to do that?

Sure. Go to Options > General > Data > Manual Cache (Scroll to bottom) and click View. You can then create manual caches for areas you fly in most. You can zoom in on the map to improve the scenery data but it will take more space.

More information is available here - [HOW-TO] Create and Manage Manual Cache Regions

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Thank you very much! after download manual cache for NYC, do not encounter any stutter and FPS become more stable.

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Amazing is not having a modern API (started in 2014) like Dx12 or vulkan. Not using any of the modern features of today graphics cards like VRS, DLSS, mesh shader…, is like if you buy a new car with abs and they tell you that you can not use the abs, or that it brings Driver assist systems but you can not also use them.
I don’t say it doesn’t look promising but as custormers and buyers we have to press them to use well our today hardware (cpu cores and gpu features). Update the core game engine, please.

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Come on, just enjoy the sim smoothness and all the flying sensation with great visual flying experience. Why so care about those DX12 and so on and so on… You have to know what you want… you need a sim to fly ? or you need the sim to have all those under layer windows technology features without enjoying the flying experience?. Ask yourself what you want? This Sim laterally will move to DX12 and why we so worry about this…? summary as I can tell, let go & fly. If you have great ideas & suggestion, please raise those to Asobo and feedback to them via Zendesk instead at this topic.