Amazing new Throttle Quadrant based on Piper Arrow

Steelwings-Production are very proud to announce today our first product! It was a great challenge to get the perfect Piper Arrow Throttle Quadrant for fun flights and reality simmers 😊 have a look on []


What does this have to do with VR? Is the throttle optimized for VR somehow?

Actually a good throttle quadrant does help a lot in VR even though you cannot see it.

But I do agree this is maybe a general hardware thing, because it works equally well for non-VR :slight_smile:

$225 USD

Good grief is it gold plated?


Looks just like a Logitech throttle with a different throttle handle.

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Not at all is exactly the same size as in the Piper Arrow and also, we developed linear dumper because in real the axis is not all the same and feels different. One big benefit is the Size special in VR it easy to grab and manipulate. We developed this one once for serious training an also advanced simmer which like to handle prop und mixture. Feel the different :slight_smile:

We know it’s not the cheapest one but serious we produce in very small batches we super less margin.

Looks nice. What sort of sensors have you used? contactless magnetic?

Agree it works as well perfect without VR but as a big VR enthusiast I only use it in VR and a was blow away first time especially fly the Piper Arrow by my own in real. I did not expect the differences, but first time it blows me away an so we decide to bring the product available for other simmers The Project grows because of the bad availability of flight sim HW and we are very happy with result.

At that price level, what’s the benefit over the Honeycomb Bravo for example, which can be modified to mimic a SE GA, ME GA, or jet, and has additional controls such as a trim wheel, AP, flaps, and landing gear controls? And it’s a 3D printed body… so what mechanical benefits are we getting to make the sacrifice in build and options worth it, compared to the Bravo or even TCA Airbus throttle quad? From the outside, it seems like a cheaper version of the Logitech/Saitek quad, but the price is more comparable to a Honeycomb?

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And with a Bravo flying VFR you don’t need to touch the mouse, ever.

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nothing ‘amazing’ about this that i can see.
It looks cheap.
I prefer my Logitech throttle 100%.

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From the pictures it looks like a 3D printed version of the Logitech throttles. No thanks

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