Amazing Sim Experience Today - KDEN

When things work as they should, nothing beats this sim experience. I just wish it were more consistent.

Anyone who flew into Denver today got a massive live snow storm and it was amazing. :clap:


Everything but the icing…winter flying would be sublime otherwise. Fix is in the works, but it will probably be a while.

Bundle up out there!


Oh yes, it worked well with me today too, flying tjsj to kmia. Lucky days, smooth and fantastic scenery!

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They just closed KDEN due to snow & blizzard. I tried live weather now but it does not appear to be corresponding correctly. No snow and green grass when using live weather setting & live time.

Coming out of KDEN for Las Vegas! Cloud layer to 34K. Serious storm!


Totally agree re: icing. Such a shame.

Restart your sim or the mission and it’ll be there.

I restarted sim - this time I got wind and bad viability but still no snow.

The snow may have stopped? Technically meteoblue isn’t “live” weather unfortunately. More like a “forecast”

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