AMD Adrenalin Edition Driver 22.11.1 Released 15/11/22

Any comments on the latest AMD GPU drivers?

I haven’t tried it yet.

Been running on them all day today and so far, so good - no issues, slow downs or weird occurrences!

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Downloaded this morning, flew about 2 hrs, don’t see any major improvement . To me, same as 22.8.3.

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Guys what is the best driver’s for this game? Only had my RX6800 for a couple of days. Updated windows 10, a minor update recently and got nothing but black screens. Installed the latest driver which states “optional” on their site .
Seems to have fixed the issue. I’m on 11/15/2022 which I’d assume is the latest.

With Nvidia everything was straight forward. Plugin and play.
The AMD UI is more modern than Nvidia but a bit confusing and buggy.

Btw I did use DDU all the time when doing a clean install.

I reverted back to 22.8.3. Much stable, good visuals , no stutters & no CTD’s. However every system is different, perhaps you shall try it & see if will work for you.

I downloaded 22.11.1 several days ago now. I don’t see any major improvements but neither have I experienced any problems. It stays for me.

New chipset driver also released. There is also an “amdcleanuputilty” that can be downloaded from amd. It will remove all previous garphic driver configurations, including all past customizations. It can be run in safe mode.

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