AMD FSR GREATLY improved my graphics performance!

DO some reading first, plz. AMDs “Radeon Super Resolution” and FSR (no matter if 1.0 or 2.0) are NOT the same techniques. RSR does not need any support by the software itself, that is why you can simply enable it in your Adrenaline suite. FSR (1.0 and 2.0) are more sophisticated and need support by the software itself and MSFS does not offer this (for now).

Link that explains it: AMD FSR vs AMD RSR - What Is The Difference? [2022 Guide]


Actually I take the words of AMD over the opinion of a writer who does not work for them.

Let me put it this way… They state in Adrenalin: “Radeon Super Resolution is an in-driver feature, POWERED BY AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR)”

Now if you have a car powered by a Ford engine, then essentially you have a Ford. Take away the engine and that car can’t run

If AMD says “powered by FSR”, then you can bet your boots it is FSR running that function as they advertise. So while it may not be the full version of FSR or FSR 2.0, it is still FSR

This is a great explanation even I understand (I think). :grinning:

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Hey I’m so glad I read this!

I tried RSR by lowering my Windows setting to 1080 on my 4K monitor and set MSFS to 1440. I was able to increase my LOD to 200 and most settings to Ultra and still gain between 15 to 24fps flying 2k with DX12 activated!

I had my smoothest flight and landing into NYC (KLGA). No more tree popping and all of the NYC skyline was was there from you would expect it to be.

They say FSR 2.0 is even better!
I can’t wait!!!

R7 3700, RT5700XT, Win 11


Maybe I should have emphasized that although Windows was lowered to 1080 I still had great graphics quality as I had when Windows was set to 1440, while also enjoying the FPS increase.

AMD Driver based RSR has been out since March i believe. Surprised not alot of AMD people have realized this.

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OK Smart guy, but you missed the part that the resolution is scaled up to 4K, ergo you end up with higher FPS AND better resolution.

The joke’s on you! :wink:

I understand that, but the point is that without the FSR engine driving it, RSR wouldn’t exist

I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m not nearly qualified to…:grinning:

Did i miss something? AFAIK, theres no FSR implemented yet on MSFS, only the sharpening. What is the OP seeing here?

He’s using the AMD Adrenalin app to use FSR 1.0 upscaling on MSFS in 2D. The confusing bit was people think he might be talking about a MSFS in-game option setting, when that’s not there as yet. There is an in-game ‘Sharpen’ AMD FX bit (or there is in SU10 beta) but the super resolution bit is about upscaling.


Driver level FSR Version 1 (Marketed by AMD as RSR) applied to MSFS (Within the Driver and enabled by the Adrenalin software application) Is available.

In game FSR version 2 is to be implemented but not yet available within the Sim.

What is available within the sim is the Sharpening aspect.

Ah yeah, thats what confused me. But im not very familiar with AMD, so… thanks for clarification.

Can RDR work with dx12?
Dx11 is ok (green icon in adrenalin) while dx12 no (yellow icon)