AMD Graphics Driver Version 22.9.1 Discussion

22.9.1 Driver release discussion.


Thx for posting this - downloading new driver now and will try out this evening.

Edit: looks like it doesn’t have a lot of changes as per release bulletin:


  • Support for:
    • Support for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II Open Beta.

Fixed Issues

  • Enhanced Sync may cause an intermittent black screen to occur during gameplay and video playback using extended displays and toggling Enhanced Sync.
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Ran 22.9.1 today for an hour today. No noticeable improvements, but more importantly no regressions or problems :slight_smile:

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Ran for several hours today with 22.9.1 and no changes or regressions also.

5900x/ RX 6800

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AMD Vega II with 16 GB RAM

For me 22.9.1 now results in more driver crashes … which typically are reported as such by SU10.

Since I upgrade the AMD driver on the same day as SU10 I can not attribute that change more precisely.

However, that texture bug …

… is still around in 22.9.1

However, the FPS are way more consistent and around 10% higher then prior to SU10 …

Btw Adrenaline v22.9.2 is out. Have been using it for a day with no issues. I did have an install issue with this version, however, after looking at the Radeon install logs, I’m almost positive it was due to a previous version which did not fully install properly.

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