AMD has just released 21.5.2

I guess I’ll try this one with no expectations of a fix for the CTDs I get with my RT5700XT. I’ve been stuck on 20.10.1.

Let us know about your testing! I‘m still with the old november version as it’s the best for my 5700XT.

Considering the amount of crash reports I filled, I hope, one day, they will include some fix for their “fragile” driver.
MSFS seems to be pulling a sensible string in there.

Just checked the release notes… Nothing MSFS specific.
Does not mean it’s not more stable.


Have new driver installed, beginning my FBW A320 flight from Newark to Orlando. I’ll keep you posted!!!


Don’t waste your time people. I installed it, and had 2 CTDs within 5 minutes of going into VR in FS. I have now given up on VR in FS until I see news of a genuine fix by ASOBO, MS, AMD, or whoever. It’s infuriating that my HP Reverb G2 is basically a dust collector now.
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A question for you as I have been chasing cures since getting my 6800XT. Every driver since April, this new one included, turns MSFS into a slide show, even in the Main Menu. I ran across some posts on the AMD site that say that Freesync is causing the CTD issues. I am back on 20.12.1 so I can’t test this. Do you have Freesync enabled? If so try turning it off. I have my fingers crossed.

I keep seeing new topics about new AMD and nVidia drivers, and I think to myself, graphics drivers aren’t going to fix this sim. Only Asobo can.


I have turned off Freesync turned off as you suggest. I will try again in VR and get back with results. Fingers crossed here too.

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Last 2 flights for a total of about 6 hours, so far so good.
Now trying a flight from Orlando to Honolulu.


Six hours into my Orlando to Honolulu flight and my system did a CTD.

Returning to the old reliable 20.10.1 driver.

R7 5600 CPU
32GB 3200MHZ RAM
Prime X570 MB
1050w PSU

I can 100% confirm this. RX5700XT - Driver 20.10.1 - That is the only one that works for me without CTDs.

You had a question earlier on the HP Reverb G2 - I have one attached to the card and it works with 20.10.1 just fine. Indeed - it only works with 20.10.1 - otherwise you get tons of tons of tons of lots of lots of “out of sync” Driver errors from AMD. I filed a myriad of tickets - but it seems AMD is busy doing other things (like creating new cards that aren’t available with a driver that isn’t working).

I am really loving my AMD CPU - and my board - but ther GPUs are mediocre at best. Don’t get me wrong, they could be killer - but the drivers are so weak and flaky - no fun.

By the way - my card does not work with a Oculus Quest 2 (my first VR Headset) at all - It stuttered like hell - even though the Oculus should be much easier to handle than the Reverb…

Anyhow - just my two cents - waiting for that 3080 noone can buy to land here… hahah

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Another crappy AMD driver, so what else is new.

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I solved all my problems by buying an NVIDIA 3080. Since that time (2-3 months) I don’t even remember the last CTD.

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The HP Reverb G2 is great news, thanks!
I will never buy a Radeon card again though. It can only be as good as it’s support. I’ve filled out tons of their reports to no avail.

All the best!!!

Sure, if you can even find one these days. Also if you can, they are priced as much as a bar of gold bullion.

I already tried this famous 20.10.1 driver because BlueSkyPilot416 had said on another topic that it was satable, but I couldn’t get the HP Reverb G2 to work. I don’t have the error code in mind, but it just wasn’t recognized.

I am still using 20.9.1 No CTD’s at all.

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Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700.


I already tried this famous 20.10.1 driver because BlueSkyPilot416 had said on another topic that it was satable, but I couldn’t get the HP Reverb G2 to work. I don’t have the error code in mind, but it just wasn’t recognized.


I’m glad I made the 20.10.1 driver famous, now if I could only make myself famous…I could use the money! :grinning:

Did you get the Reverb G2 to work with any driver? Do you also have a RX5700XT?

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Hey - yes I do know that peoblem.
I have an X570 Board and could not get it recognized on the back USB 3 ports (not even on the usb-c port). Only thing that worked is plugging it in with the included power adapter to one of my two usb 3 front ports. That works fine on the x570 with the rx5700xt :slight_smile:

Also - the 20.10.1 has another bonus - less stutter in VR. If you guys are interested I am happy to post my settings - most of the time they are stutter free (but it highly depends - New York City is still a mess).


Indeed, I have an X570 and it is true that I had tested 20.10.1 by connecting the HP Reverb G2, on the one and only USB 3 port which worked randomly.
Now that I bought this card ELUTENG Carte PCIE USB 3.0 4 Ports Adapter Pci

I didn’t specify it, but I have an RX 6800 XT. Since I only fly on planes with needle dials, I don’t really have stutter issues. But if 20.10.1 improves them, it will be a bonus, if it works with my RX 6800 XT.

Yes I would be interested in your settings, thank you.