AMD Radeon 6800 XT - Poor Performace - Quest 2 - Rift S Micro stutter FIX

Just thought I would share my experience when using Radeon 6800XT in VR.

Tried everything to get rid of the micro stutter that appears when banking the aircraft. after lots of testing, I found its a driver issue on my 5800x - 6800XT system. all the latest drivers caused this. Going back to November 2020 worked perfectly to fix the issue for me. I now have lovely smooth 80Hz on Quest 2. OPEN XR ASW set to Off

hope that helps

Thanks for posting this. I hope it helps people but I thought I’d post an alternative method that works for me. Note that I have a 5800x - 6900 xt system using a reverb G2.

I first pushed the settings to get as clear a view as possible and I was only getting very minor microstuttering. I was totally happy with that but one day I started playing with AMD’s Chill feature just to see what it did. It basically is a framerate limiter although it has both a max and min setting so it’s a little more useful than just a frame limiter. Anyway in MSFS only the min setting does something so I started playing with that value. In the end I ended using a framerate of 31. It works best for me. As I was testing this I noticed at 31 fps my stutters went away so now I run all the time with Chill enabled.

As you mentioned I’m a ASW off person as well. But I get several benefits limiting my frames to 31 as follows:

  1. the smoothness was just as good at 31 as it was at 44 fps which is what I was getting
  2. my gpu didn’t need to run at 100% when it only had to produce 31 fps so my temperatures dropped by 10 degrees.
  3. The stutters are virtually gone. I used CapFrameX to measure my performance and my 1% low framerate and my 0.1% lows both got a good boost. I think this demonstrates the reason for the less stutters.
  4. since it was performing better I was able to up my settings even a little more.

Good luck

Awesome thanks, I’ll give that a try as I want to be running the latest driver really.