AMD Super Resolution Version 22.3.1

My setup is 4k 49inch Samsung tv at 3ft distance plus 1080p side monitor.
AMD 3900x with PBOrunning around 4200mhz in sim and RX6800 (non xt). asus tuf gaming. OC’d to 2430.

RSR set to 3200x1800 gives little to negligiable degrade on the g1000 text, almost as clear as 4k.
Running mostly ultra, ecxept Lods at 200 and 125 as the CPU gets too bogged down at ground level beyond this. Vsync on in sim at 60 to prevent tearing while panning with track ir.

This gives my gpu the head room to maintain 40 to 50 fps above 1000ft, below that i am back to a stuttery 25 to 30fps where my 3900x is crippling me.
Without RSR running around 35 to 45 fps above 1000.

Setting the res to 2k introduces just a little bit to much fuzz to the instrumentation at my viewing distance to my liking.

What i am most interested in is the abilty to pop out an instrument window to the second screen and now still able to maintain 35fps+ while using rsr. I need to give this some more testing but this gives me hope of a workable solution to using real sim gear g1000s while maintaining usuable frame rates with my GPU, and am looking to invest in to build into my setup once I reslove the CPU bottleneck to improve ground/ low level framerate, by way of upgrade either to a 5900/5950x or waiting on the Zen4 options.

For thise with 5 or 6 series cards I recommend giving it a try to see what benefits or possibilities it can bring to you. It is definately a better visual experience for me than using the in sim render scale options to improve performance.

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I have tried one flight with RSR enabled (RX5700XT) and I have seen a marked increase in frame rate. Throughout the Diamond DA62 flight of 50 minutes at 3000’ over and around the English Lake District, I had a consistent 60FPS up from around 40FPS previously and frame rate time down from around 25 to circa 16 ms. There was a very small amount of tearing on the ground at taxi and take off initially but that was not evident once in the air or on approach and landing. GPU performance was good with utilisation and temps much as before.

A tick from me so far.