AMD System info for Oculus Quest 2 with RX6900XT

Hello everyone with AMD systems. Just wanted to post my spec and information on where I started and where I am in my current high end build.

I started my MSFS experience back in 1999 when I was going through Basic Flight Engineer school so I’ve seen a couple iterations and challenges of getting flight simulation to perform.

Now on MSFS 2020, I started with an HP Power Pavillion 580-131 with an AMD Ryzen 5 1400 / RX580 4Gig and 8 gigs ram. Surprisingly, I could get 30fps on low to medium settings in VR but it was only good enough to wet the appetite for what everyone on high end machines was experiencing.

The build -
Lian Li Lancool Mesh
Gigabyte Aorus B550 Elite,
32 Gig Ram.

The ram just came today and I was trying to use the DDR 2400 Ram from the old system. It was enough to run MSFS but as soon as you tried VR or run an application like Neofly, it would get persistent CTD. Today, I ran the system for over 4 hours without a crash until my oculus ran out of juice. Need to investigate power output to that USB C.

My settings in oculus are 1.7 SS, ASW off, FOV stencil off and Link to 1080/2080.

In game settings are high on everything and render scale 100. Volumetric clouds Ultra. I was getting very smooth 30-40 fps in VR.

For those getting CTD, I would recommend making sure RAM is not the issue and your not getting bogged down by background applications.

Let me know if this helps anyone and I will gladly take tips to getting a more refined experience. It’s almost there but I would like just a little more clarity to clearly see smaller letters/numbers but I’m not far from having that ultimate VR experience. Amazing where we have come in the last 22 years.

I just swapped out My new 64 gig kit of G-Skill 2x32 xmp 3600 @ CL16 @ 16 22 22 22 42 for an older kit 4x8 32 gigs 3600 xmp CL15 @ 15 15 15 15 35 running 5800x 6900xt and running these rams to 3800mhz same timings @ CL 15 15 15 15 35 and I am baffled the quest 2 or MSFS not CTD yet?

IDK …maybe MSFS or AMD driver has an issue with differant configs of 64 gig kits?

When I bought my ram, I made sure it was on Gigabyte QVL too. I have Ballistix 3600. I did have one crash but it appears it was oculus issue, not MSFS. I have not done any tweaking of timings or anything. At this point, I am really happy with the performance and graphics for VFR flying. Makes Bush flights and Neofly enjoyable.

Just wanted to update my settings. Still getting crash to desktop but I’ve done some tinkering on my GPU. I have a mild overclock to 2750, VRAM 2100, fairly aggressive fan curve and power maxed. I have the card overriding all aliasing, filtering and tessellation are maxed out. My VR settings are maxed and best clarity to performance has been roughly 30-35 fps at render resolution at 140. Hoping update five allows maxed out settings for same or better fps. Still get occasional CTD especially when using Neofly. Without Neofly, it is much less often. If anyone with AMD 6000 card has found better settings for the Quest 2 then I’d love to try. I don’t have any liquid cooling so I keep the overclocks reasonable. GPU temps are mid 60’s and junction temps hitting mid 80’s.

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