AMD vs Intel/Nvidia? A techno-dunce asks…

I have an unexpected small pension pot appeared that allows me to buy a new PC to replace my creaking system. I was going to go full hog on i9/4090/32, but the announcement of the AMD GPU made me hesitate. I don’t understand the significance of raytracing or DLSS or DX12 or DDRx vs DDRy, but I do know that melting and the GPU or PSU not fitting in my case is scary.

Is there any reason I should not wait a few weeks and go for the top Ryzen 9 and 7090xtx?

I mainly fly a round-the-world at c. 4500’ VFR with HP Reverb G2 and Honeycomb in a twin turboprop. I would like super smooth sights of Ayers Rock, Taj Mahal and Ankhor Wat out of the window and crisp, readable instruments at the best resolution that the Reverb can deliver.

@Paracon1 At this point I would hang on to your bonus for another two months if you can. Currently the Intel i9-13900k is the top dog cpu wise, but that will very likely change in Feb when AMD’s zen4 vcache chip, the 7700x3d, is released. That one is likely to give you the best possible performance specifically in FS, but it’s worth waiting for reviews to make sure.

AMD also has new GPUs coming in December, but they are unlikely to perform as well as Nvidia’s 4090, especially in VR where AMD traditionally has weak performance, and poor performance with motion reprojection specifically. Again, it’s worth waiting to see what they come out with and reviews from early adopters before making your choice.

You can’t go wrong with a 13900k/4090 setup though if you’re in a rush.

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The problem with the 4090 is misrepresented, it’s a very small percentage of cards that have problems, independently several tech insiders have figured out that it could probably be due to connectors not being plugged in properly. So don’t get crazy about the 4090. AMD will not get to the 4090 for the time being according to their own statement.
I would also wait for the 77003xd.

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Thanks for your responses. Unfortunately, the cash is burning a hole in my pocket, so I’ll go with the i9/4090.

Paracon’s Law says “there is ALWAYS something a bit better around the corner - just do it right now”

Sure, until you turn that corner and there isn’t. Apart from asking here, how much time have you spent watching videos or comparing products or bench tests? Nvidia has always been the forefront runner for graphics but that doesn’t mean that some of the less popular options wouldn’t perform better in the correct circumstances and dependent on which game it is being tailored for. I got the one I got because it was a birthday gift and also because I wanted to keep the budget low and at the time the AMD price was the lower end for the performance I felt I wanted. I’m not locking at 60 FPS or anything like that but I am able to have a fun smooth experience and don’t have any of the issues that thousands of posts have made within only just over two weeks. In my case I think the adage “less is more” wins out for me. Similarly using a 1 million dollar car to go to work vs a 500 dollar rebuy. They both get the job done but there’s more sense of investment and concern if something happens to the higher end car which is more likely than the lowly trusty cheap car. Hence, the only reason I can imagine so many peeved people running minimum of 1800+ dollar computers and getting ■■■■■■ performance.

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The key for me has been the grief I had getting the correct cable for the HP Reverb G2 as the stock cable was not compatible with AMD motherboards and I had a real saga getting HP to send me the correct one. Software developers and hardware peeps seem to concentrate on Intel/Nvidia.

Anyway, the die is cast and the order is in. i9-13900k, z790, 32g of DDR5, 4090. If this thing stutters just ONCE, I’m going to sue!

I know a good law firm you can use :rofl:

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Despite those impressive specs, you might have forgotten the most important piece of hardware of all - A really comfy captain’s chair! :seat:

With the amount of flying that I think you will be doing, I think you will need it!!! :airplane: :earth_asia:

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