Amsterdam Canal Cruise (almost)

Decided to conduct my own “canal cruise” of Amsterdam via the recently added C-172 seaplane right after the recent Euro-cities scenery upgrade.

Departed Schiphol (EHAM) 04 with west departure then a gentle northeast turn by the windmills (ok ok windfarm turbines) for an east landing onto the straightaway portion of the Noordzeekanaal.

After two [computer] crashes due to CPU overload, found the right “cruising speed” for aircraft control and scenery viewing (hint: 11-15 knots using 12-14% power).

Interesting, as indicated in recent posts, UFO-like objects drifting through the sky (those ain’t clouds Martha).

Unfortunately, ground details even on max settings didn’t permit ingress and honestly the wingspan would prohibit same but would have been a nice “taxiing challenge” to see the seven bridges over the Westertoegang and get stroopwafel.