An airplane I'd love to see

I used to own an old 1946 ERCOUPE. What a weird, but fun, little airplane. I’ve never seen any third party add on do one for any flight sim. There have been freeware versions but they never did it for me. Is there anyone out there who’d like to see this airplane in MS2020? It’s a low and slow little bird…perfect for flying over this sim’s beautiful scenery. Think about it…maybe?


Yeah that would be cool. And they are pretty common at least where I am. Justflight is doing a Tomahawk… Low and slow 2 seater.

Common where you’re flying? Where’s that Future? When I had mine I lived near Miami and kept the airplane at Tamiami Airport. There was one other guy there, with one. We flew together sometimes and even went to Sun 'n Fun with our ERCOUPES. Lotsa fun!

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