An Honest Review on installing the game

Unless your computer is a POWERHOUSE don’t purchase.
My system is fewer 6months old give or take a few weeks, meets all the requirements … Perhaps an update to the video card would be helpful…however that is NOT an OPTION for several reasons.

The nightmare begins on release day, it took 72 hours downloading even on a 50mb internet connection. Grant, you not large, not small, … but enough.

here it is 08/22/2020 and I spent 4 hours on the phone with tech support, spent another 3 hours talking to Microsoft store tech, spent another 3 hours reviewing how to overcome the install. The bottom line is I can’t.

I have requested a refund of the $128 and was denied
I have put in a dispute with my credit card company, so that will take a few more days or weeks to work out.

This game is NOT for the PC. It is of My opinion that you need TOP OF THE LINE equipment to run this, which in turn has shut out many folks, including me who ■■■■■■ away the money for the game that I can’t get a refund on even though it won’t work.

The developers should have realized this and they failed to do so.
they released a product that even with downloading has MAJOR ISSUES…above and beyond the 9 hours it took the first time, 9 Hours the 2nd time and 9 hours on the third attempt.

My system is strong, I routineLY edit 1-2 hour videos with multiple programs running and now slow down, while compiling video, editing sound.

This is a horrible product, horrible return policy, and little help is coming.

Its a disaster of Orgasmic and Epic proportions.

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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


I have a 7700hq and a gtx1070 in my laptop and it runs nice. All over three years old.


what a load of rubbish, 1070, i5 9600 & 16 gig RAM…runs on high spec perfectly smooth…50mb internet, download 6 hours…


You can’t play this game on your chromebook


I have i7-10700k, RTX 2080 super, 32gb ram @ 3200 MHZ along with 144hz 1440p display monitor and the graphics aren’t buttery smooth at ultra settings but at High-end settings i get around 60-70fps in a 787-10 in sparsely populated area and 40-50 in NYC.

Also for install, i had it downloaded in about 2 hours. No problems whatsoever.
MSFS is extremely unique product just have patience and it will deliver. I love it so far.


Honest review? I am running it on 2013 MacPro, which has bootcamp windows OS, with 1 year old display drivers, cause the latest AMD drivers are not working with my machine at all.

Despite all those, I am getting 25 FPS average with High End settings on an 8 year old Mac. More FPS and smoother feeling than the other sims I have, while having much better visuals.

Honestly? MSFS is less demanding than any other sim I have, maybe Aerofly FS2 excluded.


I dont agree with this review, firstly im running on High settings on a laptop, so thats BS that you cant run it in my opinion, yes for top settings you need a “POWERHOUSE” but they never hid that fact from us, its posted a 2080 is recommended, you wouldnt get a refund because its not there fault, Finally im on High settings that are slightly modified for my preferences, on an 8gb laptop and i think it looks ■■■■■■■ spectacular and runs fine DONT expect 60-100 fps, flight simulator pilots will tell you that 30 is enough to make any of the existing sims look smooth and i agree. Also 50mb download speed and i was done in 5-6 hours.

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Runs just fine on my average-spec 3-year-old PC.


My computer is old by gaming standards. Running an i5 with a GTX 1070. It runs fine. Granted not ultra high settings but no real problems.


I also have low fps. I have 3700X, RTX 2070S, PCIE4 NVME SSD, 32Go 3200mhz ram, and I only have 25 fps in A320 cockpit (at 1080p high settings)
people who are saying it’s “smooth” are only flying the 152 I guess, otherwise there is something wrong with my system.

Im getting smooth in A320 on my laptop, 1650, 8gb ram, i5 10th gen processor, on high-end settings with ultra texture quality. i would say i get 30-40 fps in london on this set up in A320, your specs are hella good maybe theres specfic settings you could turn down that you cpu might not be liking for some reason i recommend watching Squirrels graphics tutorial to see what i mean, its just a suggestion.

How about your cooling? Is it adequate or does it heats up to 70C or more?

temps are at around 70C and it’s perfectly normal temps

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Nah. Fix your PC. There is more to smooth operation of a PC than the hardware it runs on.

It’s possible. I found turning off Live Traffic and just playing on my own worked the best. Online players DO hurt performance and that is to be totally expected tbh. If i have that off I get frames between 30-60+ depending on location. Jets or GA~

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live traffic is off and my PC has no issue according to benchmark or other games I play. the game is CPU limited in airliners

With my trial and error setup, i have realized that sim runs better at 70 C or lower. I have almost similar specs as you do but i don’t get that lower fps. I have been testing fps on a 787-10 in cockpit and external view and fps are 40-70 fps depending on how dense the area is. Also i have noticed that if you increase your memory cache and or download the areas locally, fps are are increased. My fps are based on 1 gbps fiber internet.

Same here, runs awesome on high!

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I have a GTX 980 4GB, and I have no problem 30 to 40 fps.