AN I-pad tool, i use for real time weather,for destinations

Hi Fellow pilots, for those of us who like realism, but not want to spend to much time on mcu, heres a tip, for world weather in real time, just type in your google search. it free and its what a lot of us sailors use when planing our navigation, across The English chanel. At time of typing im currently at 390 ft on route to Hanoi VVNB, from
VECC Calcutter, i chose destination, but left out rwy, untill over 1/ 3rd of journey, used windyty, saw the wind at S/E 20knts went to mcu chose destination, rwy 110, select a star,
Hit lkr6, insert, and bang now have flt arrival ILS rwy 11, into wind, even shows wind direction in 3 hrs time, or any time for next 7 days, try it, see what you think.

Can you tell me the difference between, and

I ran both through the SSL Labs site, and they are completely different IP addresses, as well as different certificates.

The “ty” version redirects you to though.

“ty” only seems to support TLS 1.2, yet gets a lower score as it still supports TLS 1.1.

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Hi i did not know of, iv just tried it and it looks the same, all i no is its one hell of an accurate wind forecast.

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