An Open Letter to The Devs about the marketplace

This is to the developers, for the love of god please fix your marketplace integration on Xbox, I have had to fight with support twice and give up and get MICROSOFT THEMSELVES to refund me the third time, I put down $40 on a spitfire and it took your support team nearly a week to respond and tell me to get lost and provide a bank transfer even though I had provided that I had purchased the credits with MS Store Credit, I used MS store credit because of the two previous issues as a way to get around them AND IT MADE IT WORSE this is exhausting, I should not have to post pics just to fly a ■■■■ plane that I spent nearly half the retail value of the game to use.

Until this is fixed I am not buying another plane on the marketplace, I was so excited to take that spitfire for a jaunt around Europe but now I am ■■■■■■ off and in no mood to play flight sim for a long time.

I have literally never had to post proof of purchase just to access content in a video game, this is embarrassing, Microsoft refunded me and apologized for this stuff up in 3 hours, your team took nearly 6 days

Per feedback from Community Managers on your same inquiry in the MSFS Discord channel Community-Support, you have been informed to open a ZenDesk ticket. Thank you.

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