Anchorage water height fix



Nice, I reported this crazy issue with Asobo like 6 times and they have still get to fixing it. Its a problem all over alaska, just if you start from Denali Airport AK06 same problem for a long way

Yeah I’ve noticed it across parts of Canada as well. I’m hoping it’s something they’ll fix with their autogen sooner rather than later. The worst is when you’re stuck following a river that’s taller than the valley it’s in hahaha.


Yes exactly, I love to do a lot of bush flying around Alaska and Canada but the state its in is not even fun to do. It annoys me and the worse part is they have known about if for atleast 7 weeks. So not cool.


Fingers crossed that they can address it in the first patch. Although it seems like they’re swamped with the amount of install/crash issues that people are having.

Flying around Alaska’s still new to me so guess I’ll be sticking to areas I fixed for a bit. I need to go check if other mountainous/low res mapped areas around the world suffer from the same issue.

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Besides the one I alrwady said yeah, lots of places all over the world has this issue. Also around saldovia was also a problem i think.

Yeah, it’s a mess. Flying along the river that heads north into Talkeetna was crazy looking too!

Yeah they really need to get onto fixing these crazy things. I love flying around Laska and Canada but with this its an eye sore while it all looks so beautifull just those crazy rivers

I’m tempted to keep fixing more areas but I know itll be a never ending battle for now.

Sadly first patch is only for installation and launch issues, the in sim issues won’t be addressed anytime soon.

Ah okay, this is pretty much the only major issue I have atm. Apart from that it’s been such an amazing experience so far. Haven’t experienced this much excitement from a game/sim in years.

Currently working on another update to include a few of the national parks.

These problems are fixed on their side we dont need a patch to download. Worldwide scenery is being streamed of their server. Otherwise we would not be able to run the sim at all we would need Peta bytes hard drives lol. I seen them fix things before without even downloading a patch. So if they fix it on the server it will stream the correct fixed scenery they just need time to get to it I gues

Update with more fixes:

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Cordova Muni runway is BELOW the level of the surrounding water. Which looks kinda impressive in a James Bond secret airbase kinda way, but laughable otherwise.

I’ll add it to the next update!

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