And now for something, completely different

This bugs me every time I load the sim. Aircrafts? With an S, really? … That’s like saying sheeps when you have more than 2 sheep… lol


European English. I bet “maths” makes you crazy, too. (It does me too). Eh. What can you do?


Good I’m not the only one :slight_smile:


Bugs me too!

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The irony is that’s exactly the point of this thread. lol


European English speaker here, hearing people say “Math” indeed drives me almost as nuts as hearing people say “I could care less”

However, I’ve never heard another Englishman refer to a group of aircraft as anything other than “aircraft”


Oh lord, so this is where we are at now?

Let’s please keep conversations focused on material aspects of the simulator. Things were headed off path. Thread closed.