Andalusia bush trip

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The trip is finally finished and available on

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Andalusia Bush Trip

I started creating a bush trip through the Spanish region of Andalusia. Up to now, only the first few legs are (fully) implemented but I would be very happy, if some of you could try it out already. I’m looking forward to getting any kind of feedback, so please feel free to comment here or use the issues page on GitHub. Aside from technical issues, I am very interested in feedback on the difficulty level, length and quality of the legs.


Great job, all works well - will look out for extra legs !

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Is the Alhambra nos in the game ?

Granada and the Alhambra will definitely be a part of one of the legs to come. Sadly, Granada is (at the moment) not a photogrammetry city (other than Sevilla and Cordoba) so the city and the Alhambra are not depicted realistically ingame at the moment.

Actually Granada is very disapointing… Downtown Granada is all covered in warehouses and unlike FSX or P3D, Alhambra is not modeled (FSX also had some hand modeled geometry for the Science Museum). Hopefully in a future update the city will be getting some love.

I flew it sometime ago, and I was very disapointed, in X-Plane with X-Europe it was much nicer.
But since I saw the “cover” for this trip was the Alhambra, I thought that it had been improved

Oh I did not think of that. I will change the logo to some ingame background.

You can use some ingame screenshots from Sevilla I guess, Torre del oro, Giralda …

Nice work.

I have to admit I’m a huge fan of Andalucía.

El lince es fuerte!

Granada and Alhambra:

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I released a new version with now 10 legs in total, which is around half of the whole trip as I have it planned right now. The last leg also includes one of the photogrammetry cities of Andalusia in MSFS - Cordoba.

If you encounter problems when you had the previous version of the trip installed and you try to continue now, check out the readme on the GitHub page.

@Cercata: Thanks a lot for the link! I will probably recommend installing that (Granada will be one of the last legs).


Just a quick update: I fixed the bug that continuing the trip after going back to the menu was not possible (no navlog and map). Moreover, on the VFR map, the route and the waypoints are now displayed. It is released as v0.2b (replacing the original 0.2 release).

Btw concerning the waypoints, this bug is also the reason why in the Asobo-bushtrips, only the very first waypoint is displayed. The system takes the waypoints out of the PLN file but they have to have unique names. In the Asobo bush trips, every waypoint has the name “POI”.


Can’t wait to try this one out!!!

Update: The trip is finally finished and available on (freeware):

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