Android App for Instruments?

I used an app called ‘GA Panel’ from Peixsoft when using my Samsung Tab 2 with X-Plane 11. It included a number of instrument gauges that worked in real time with the simulator. Has anything similar been released for MSFS yet?

Been looking for the same thing but havent found anything that works yet

Which plugin are you trying to link to? The only one that is similar to the one I’m describing is for iPad only.

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This slows down your system so badly, not surprising offcourse since it has to stream everything to a tablet to use as a second screen. No this aint a solution.

Has anyone installed VFRMap - looks great however Defender gives me a “Serious Threat” when I Unzip?



Yes im using it works great, defender gave me a problem too but that is because it doesnt like it. Nothing wrong with the program as I looked at the source code myself which is freely available. Now we just need the sim connect fix so it doesnt slow down the sim with hiccups

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I have used it. The writer tried explaining why that is popping on a Reddit post. I reviewed the source code, compiled the .exe myself, and still had an issue – so I think it is a false positive.

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Thank for the confidence…installed and is great :-), now to work out a shortcut to bring it up as required.

Had an effect on FPS but you dont get nothing for nothing :grinning:

Thanks Lian


I am using it too. Compiled it without any issue. Enhanced the html Output with a nicer layout. Still in development.
It gives You at least numeric outputs of the airplanes dynamic values.

With FsX I also used different android apps, mostly to show the position on a map.
Also used th 737 and A320 virtual FMC from
Air Manager looks promising. They are saying a MS FS 2020 version is to expect for October/November.

Air manager beta running on my system with functional gauges.

Its a great app, but payware.

It won’t be long before Android support


If you’re mostly interested in non-glass panel Cessnas and similar aircraft, I’ve been largely happy with Avioware FSi C172 Cockpit. I used it with FSX and they recently released a beta version for 2020. Just starting to put my setup back together, but it worked well on a couple short test flights. The paid version something like $15, but you can try the free version for 10 minutes also. The Prix glass cockpit looks ok, and I’ll try, but haven’t yet.

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