Angry and disappointed request refund software

Hi, can you tell me with which machine you use the simulator and with which graphics settings it is activated?

They aren’t interested in side by side comparisons though. That undermines their righteous indignation.


There are options, either request a refund, good luck with that, buyer beware! Every person who purchased msfs2020 knew it was coming to Xbox, even the initial trailer displayed the Xbox logo and intention. Now on the same note every buyer should have expected this happening, flight simulators are not designed to run on consoles, period, even my 12 year old son knows this. 2nd option, accept what we now have and play the new gen msfs2020 with console graphics, this ain’t changing ever. I was furious with the changes, I spent a whole day cursing, but today I’ve realized it’s not going to change, today’s patch is for the forum, not for the PC players! I am eternally grateful for a whole year of excl. PC use with msfs2020, worth the price of admission imho, I had a blast right up to the last hour before SU5 was released and I took the 3rd option this afternoon before the release of the fix to completely remove the sim and remember it as it was! Those are our options, for those still complaining, give it up, choose your course and move along.

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Full details here:

i9 10900K
64Gb RAM
RTX 3080
No rolling cache
No manual cache
G-Sync Monitor 2560 x 1400 (2k)
Multiplayer OFF
AI Traffic OFF
Real Time Traffic ON
350Mb internet

In game settings



nVidia Control Panel Settings

You mean like these:

The last one is from June. To be honest, they all showed that whilst there are some subtle differences, the visual quality has not degraded and, in fact has generally stayed the same or improved. I got a bit bored doingn them coz they take ages. Not sure I can face doing them again.

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Sorry. Really wasn’t trying to annoy anyone, but @HazelGull303220 did ask

i would install like a year ago when i was buying. No issues went trough without a problem.Now after so many patches its just freezing during installation .Dowloading hundreds of them decompressing than start to download the same patches endlesly. What is it .The program in what can not install itself without IT eng interraction it shouldnt be placed on the market in 2020-21 whatever.

I assumed that the configuration was similar, with my configuration I use those settings in vr.
If you don’t have the power to use you can’t see the difference.
I have a computer shop and I know what I’m talking about, my kids have a 3070 and 3080, and they see the fps improvements, if you had a 3090 you’d know what I’m talking about, having “only” a 3080 you can’t understand.
who has a pc faster than yours knows what I’m talking about,
I have a 3090 as a graphics card, and it assures you that between the 3090 and a 3080 there is a big difference.
The pictures you posted compared to what you can pull off with a 3090 in vr are ugly.
Attention I’m not offending you or your computer, I’m just trying to make you understand that whoever has a more powerful PC has lost us in sharpness, you don’t realize it because you’ve never seen that sharpness.
I hope I have been clearer.
if you go around the net you will find vr videos and you will realize what I am talking about.
I have had a computer shop for 20 years and I understand a little …
I gained a lot of fps but I lost a lot in sharpness, which for this simulator while waiting for the flight part to improve was the strong part.
So I remain with the idea, even more so after seeing your images and configurations that you are going the wrong way. Good for you who have earned fps like everyone else, but bad for someone like me before who had better sharpness and with the vr you notice it much more.
I hope I was clearer and not harsh or misunderstood in words

it wouldnt be if some1 on the other and actually pulling the finger out and start to work on something

Yeah exactly. Anyone claiming significant visual downgrade doesnt post any sort of analysis like this. Only people showing that there are small differences (and differences easily attributable to bugs or just the need for some tuning).

I’m just not seeing any evidence for the much claimed deliberate significant downgrades - although as usual this is likely to be a vocal minority more than a widely held opinion.


LOL you seem to have missed the point that all those comparisons show small subtle differences (not degraded).

That was not my point. In regards to that I posted screenshots on another thread. I can clearly see the LOD drawn down difference… Esp high altitude how blurred it is.

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Please can you link to your post showing side by side comparisons? People are just posting what look like perfectly normal shots and saying “look its obviously downgraded”. These things are very subjective and you need to compare like with like (as the posts linked above do).

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So I think I’m OK with what you say, other than

I mean I’m not choosing to go any way, I’m just enjoying the sim. And I decided that whilst a 3090 would be nice, the bang for buck was just beyond palatable for me.

I’m sure there are more powerful PCs out there with bigger GPUs and more memory and 4k or 8k or whatever. Of course I’ve no idea what it looks like on those. But on my rig, which I think is definitely in the “not bad” side of things, I’m not seeing the degredation that others claim. I’m not seeing many people posting screenshots “before/after” or even just “after” to illustrate it either. I;'m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I genuinely don’t know what it looks like.

Anyway, I’ll get back to enjoying myself flying.


They aren’t dumbing the visuals down, these changes are just temporary and they alread said they are planning ultra PC settings to push LOD well beyond the current 200. Just be patient.

As for the airliners, Jorg has said that at present (first couple years of develpment) Microsoft/Asobo couldn’t focus on airliners but created the SDK so that third parties could build study level airliners for those that want them. This is a ten year project and they can only do so much at once.

If you’ve already spent thousands another fifty quid or so for a study level airliner is a drop in the ocean for you.

Ultimately it’s simply false to say the sim is visually downgrading itself. We get world updates every couple months, significantly improved terrain elevation data, custom POI’s, photogrammetry, an ever increasing number of third party adds on and mods etc. My sim looks far better now than it did last year.

The LOD issue will be fixed shortly, as will the clouds and other issues. Just be patient.


OFC its ok to tell complaints when things are bugged

But they said yesterday that today we would get a patch, and we know all that will be fixed

Would it be possible to people to calm down until the patch is out?
its not like we have to wait for SU6 in 2 months… we’ll have a fix in less than 30mins

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The refund and law suit threads should all be merged into one.

I did not say that you are going in the wrong direction, I would never allow myself to offend a person.
Mine is a simple debate, nothing against you, or against your hardware, God forbid.
I am lucky enough to have a computer shop and therefore the hardware costs me less and having experience in the sector I can distinguish it better.
I repeat against you I have nothing and I apologize if I wrote badly, I do not write English well and I use google to translate.
I’ll just go back to repeating that those with better hardware see worsening, those with less powerful hardware see improvements, this morning a customer who has a 2060 was very happy, so there are improvements on the one hand, but unfortunately some things have worsened and I don’t think that with the patch that will be released soon the best, because in fact they talk about improvements in other things, not graphics.
I also agree that the important thing is to have fun, but these worsening do not make me have more fun even if whizzing with the MB-339 airplane of the “tricolor arrows” in the middle of New York with more fps for an Italian like me is more spectacular.

However it is clear that nothing was against you :slight_smile: